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Really? That's something to whine about now?

Here in Canada we have a country-wide chain called No Frills, and guess what? Every till is a bag your own stuff till.


I routinely bag my own groceries... at the self checkout. Because its quicker.

But damn I wish I could have made customers bag their crap at Walmart. It was tough enough getting them to collect it all off the carousel!


Being from Blighty, where bagging is practically nonexistent, I really don't get bagging. Is it any quicker or less-hassle than the customer packing their own shopping?

Kai Lowell

It can be. I've seen it be very useful for those who literally can't pack their own bags (like my mum when she can't get up out her wheelchair and her hands just won't work to grip anything.) The grocery stores here also ask if you need help taking your groceries out to your car, and the baggers are the ones who help with that. They're all so friendly too - no one minds a whit if you have a bit of a chat with the bagger while they're packing your shopping for you.


Kitai, I hate those carousels. I understand the idea of them, but the presentation sucks. The register doesn't take up the 'out slide' space, so they can double stack 40 registers that will only be open one week or so a year... but unless you watch the shit like a hawk and snatch the bags off as soon as they're full, it's easy to forget things.

Roadhammer, I'd generally bag my own stuff if the cashier was alone anyway. I know how I'd like things bagged anyway, and the bagger may not necessarily do it that way.

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