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Toxic Managers: "Oh I'm Going To Use This Coupon"


RHU couponFrom: whoaitsvariyn

About two years or so ago, I worked at a fairly well known donut and coffee shop as a summer job. I wasn't crazy about this job, it definitely wasn't one I was keeping after that summer, because the customers weren't too friendly, the employees were worse than the customers, and the managers didn't really have our backs during confrontational customer interactions.

This story will be about the latter.

So it's towards the end of my shift and I'm wandering around the counter, wiping down machines, pulling up donuts, passing time, we all know that feeling. This woman walks in. She is on the phone.

Now, I don't necessarily hate it when people order while on the phone, I just prefer they didn't do so. I'll settle for them telling their companion to "hang on" or something to that nature. To let the customer know I'm ready for them, I start the conversation out with a polite, "hi, how are you today?" I do so to this woman.

Without taking the phone away from her ear, she says to me, "dozen donuts," and tosses a coupon onto the counter in front of me. A little rude, but I've had worse.

Asshat bossesI enter the dozen into the register and go to add the coupon. It doesn't scan. I go to add the PLU in. It doesn't pop up. I go into the coupon lookup to enter it in manually. It is not there. I check the date. As you can gather, it has expired.

I look up at the woman and say, "I'm sorry ma'am, I can't accept this coupon. It expired two weeks ago."

The woman looks at me, raises her eyebrows, and takes the phone away from her ear finally. "Excuse me?"

A bit intimidated, I repeat. "I'm afraid I can't accept this coupon, as it's expired."

The woman taps her pointer fingernail on the counter and says, "oh no, I'm using that coupon. Go get your manager."

I hold back the eye roll and fetch the manager on duty. He is outside receiving a food/product delivery. I apologize for interrupting and explain the situation, emphasizing that I told her the coupon had expired. He follows me inside to the counter.

The woman watches us approach with beetle eyes. She is blocking the phone's mouthpiece. My manager gives her a cheery smile, overrides the denial of the coupon using his passcode, and walks away without giving the woman any word. I groan internally and reluctantly unfold a dozen box. "What kind of donuts would you like today," I drone.

In between rattling off donut flavors, the woman proceeds to complain (in the same menacing tone) how rude I was not to accept the coupon, and rude the manager was to her, how "these donuts are too expensive without the coupons, it's not even like they're that good anyway"


She leaves. I angrily stuff the coupon and receipt in the drawer.

This kind of thing would happen constantly. The owners and managers operated solely on the "customer is always right" crap because they were terrified of losing any business. Even if that meant not having their employees backs in situations like these. This was not outright rude on my manager's part, but dude like... At least back me up. Coupons have expiration dates for a freaking reason. It was small stuff like that, on top of employees and shift supervisors treating me like absolute dung to the point where I cried on shift more than once, that helped my decision to leave right on schedule.



Slinging Insults Right Before The Walk Of Shame


Jason and victimFrom: penflynn

I work at a fairly popular warehouse store, of which a membership is required. There are multiple different levels of these memberships, ranging from the basic membership, to the advantage membership which comes with cash rewards and other discount benefits.

As a cashier, we are encouraged to tell our members about the different levels of memberships, and try to get as many upgrades as we can. So, doing my job, I tell people about the benefits of the program and how they could go about upgrading their membership.

About a month ago, I had an elderly gentleman, who had just purchased some medication from our pharmacy, come through my line. My computer had prompted me that he was not on the benefits program, so I began to tell him about the pharmacy discounts that would come if he were to upgrade.

The old man looked at me stone cold in the face and said,

"You need to grow the f*** up and get a real f***ing job." He then proceeds to turn around and tell the members in line behind him that they should not listen to me, and shouldn't fall into our corporate trap to gain money.

Here's the funny part. To ensure that we are not losing money from unscanned items, we have associates at the door that check all of the carts to make sure all of the items were accounted for on their receipt. Each member must have a receipt to leave the store.

The man was so mad that I tried to sell to him, he had forgotten his receipt. Realizing this moments later, he turned around to find me holding his receipt in my hand, waiting for him to return. Making the 10 meter walk of shame from the door to my register, he took the receipt and refused to make eye contact.



"My Vet Trimmed My Cat's Claws!"


Custy phone 2From: nerdymouth

When I worked as a dog groomer, one busy day I answered the phone and had a (at least) fifteen-minute conversation with a man angry that his vet had trimmed his cats' claws while they were there for a procedure.

He hadn't come to our salon, he just wanted to call a groomer and, I guess, get some validation for his anger? He kept saying over and over that his cats were distressed because now they can't catch mice or scratch trees.

I just said that I was sorry, but just like when you trim your fingernails, their claws will grow back after a few weeks...

I don't know what he wanted me to do, but he kept me on the line for A WHILE, keeping me from doing actual work. Once I finally got him to hang up, I just laughed at the phone in my hand.

If he was just messing with me, he was very dedicated to the joke.