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Sidewalk Signage Apologizing To Mom

She's Look Real Purty In Pink Camo For The Prom...


The move is complete, we're learning where everything is. Our town is small. I mean, population below 2k people, and the DMV is only open one day a week; Thursday.

Bored and waiting for the place to open, I peer around at the signage of the little shops nearby and I stumble across this....


I'm trying to decide on which to go with...

1) a piece of Louisiana got plunked down in Oregon

2) My town is a "classy" kind of town for the prom

3) There's some major confusion going on about the kind of "suit" a teen boy should wear for his prom date...

4) The prom dresses come in camo, which has me all sorts of confused.




Janine Rioux

These really do exist, and apparently people buy them.

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