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Manager from hellFrom: Spritzy

My workplace is like that as well; no compassion.

Even though you may be barfing every five minutes or you're coughing up blood or your eyes are falling out... they'll just look at you and say "Well, can't you work for a little while?"

Or even worse, they'll say "You don't look must be faking" (Really? WTF?)

I'd certainly love to stay and work and spread the plague to every customer and employee I come in contact with!

And, hey, while I'm at it, I'll hand out cards with the health inspector's number on it. Now all the customers can report the store for a health code violation by having a person with a contagious and infectious disease handling food (groceries).





Now that, dear Spritzy is a brilliant idea! Nothing like the fear of the law to get managers to start thinking about more than their own fat ass.

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