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Toxic Managers: The Class-A Brown Noser


Asshat bossesFrom: Amanda

My toxic coworker-turned-manager was a class-A brown-noser. I'll call him BN for short. No one liked to work with him except for an equally awful coworker. You did not want to get stuck working with them at the same time, as you would end up doing all the work by yourself.

BN would order you around as if he was the manager. You ask him to help you with something and he would remark that you should do it yourself.

BN would be scheduled as usher and you would never see him, as he would be watching movies in between cleaning shows, meaning you got no backup since he also never answered his walkie.

If he was in concessions, he never helped on his own register. He would instead use yours, which wasn't allowed since we're assigned registers at the beginning of every shift, and would stay hidden in the back during a rush.

What's worse is the GM loved him. BN could do no wrong in her eyes. She eventually had him trained as a projectionist, which is not something everyone learns how to do. Problem was is he was terrible at it. He always started the movies late and never built the film correctly; making it either burn, tangle, or appear backwards. We almost always needed another person trained in booth while BN was on shift in order to clean up his mess.

Fast forward to when the GM promotes him to shift manager, passing over actually qualified people for the job. Four people even quit after it happened.

At first, it wasn't so bad. It seemed to have matured him some. That only lasted a month. He eventually would not leave the office even after you page him for help. When he would leave his office, it would be to standthisclosetoyou and tell you what you're doing wrong.

One time, a customer walked up for a soda refill, and BN just randomly walked into concession for no reason at all except to stare at my coworker while she did the refill. He then promptly left without saying anything.

Freddy not impressedMy coworker said, "Oh thank goodness BN was here to supervise. I don't know how I would have managed to do that without him watching over me!"

Also during this time, many people's tills would be off at the end of the night, and it was typically off by $10. For concession, we were allowed a $5 leeway, with box being $10. So pretty much everyone had to be written up, including people who were there for years without having their till off. I had never been written up, even during this time, because I would definitely make sure my drawer was even.

One time, he tried rushing me counting my drawer at the beginning of my shift, I told him that no, we are supposed to double count and I'm not skipping that just so you can open 10 seconds earlier than you want.

I eventually noticed a pattern with people's tills. It was usually the same amount across the board, and always happened during BN's shifts. By the time I had collected evidence, basically asking coworkers when their write-ups were and then cross-checked that with the schedule of which manager was working, he was transferred to the theater across the street. Where the exact same shit started happening.

They hated that they had to trade their awesome manager for BN and often begged for him to be sent back. He would even leave the theater to go get food and be gone for an hour, while clocked in. He would stand in the lobby talking to his friends, all while radioing people to do such-and-such chore.

They eventually petitioned for him to be gone. Even at the work meeting following his "resignation," the GM claimed that while a lot of people didn't agree to her decision about promoting him, she felt it was the right one. Even to this day, she will not own up to the fact that she made a mistake.





I don't care how high I would've had to go up the totem pole, I don't care how deep in denial the GM was, he needed to be gone asap.

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