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Discount Rats: "I Get These For A Dollar A Box!"


Discountrat1From: buildadog

Okay, so I work at an outdoors store. Like most REI-Like stores, we stock a selection of protein bars and "athletic" snacks.

One day a woman comes up to me carrying a nearly whole box of cliff bars. We'll call her Cliff Bar Queen (CBQ). The following ensued:

CBQ: Excuse me? Hi. I am from Maine and I order these directly from the manufacturer for a dollar a box.

She pulls a bar out and points to the label

these expire in a month! Surely you can cut me a deal

Me: Ohh wow, yes I'm sure we can work something out. Let me speak to my manager.

I walk away. The manager was helping another customer so I ended up asking another associate for advice and she told me to give her 15% off. The bars are $1.50 to begin with.

I returned to her and told her the offer and she looked at me like I was a complete idiot.

CBQ: That's it?!? No. THESE. ARE. EXPIRING. I need to speak to your manager!

Me: Okay I will see what we can do but he is currently helping another customer

CBQ: Where is he?! I'll wait.

We walked over to the paddling department and waited like morons as my manager was helping the other customer. CBQ continued to rant saying over and over that she gets them for a dollar a box and that this is ridiculous and how she's from Maine and so on.

Rhu discountMy manager walks off for a moment to the stock room to get an item for his customer, and I quickly intercept him and tell him what's going on. He says to give them to her for a dollar a bar.

We can sell them to you for one dollar each. How is that?

CBQ: What?.....I GET THESE FOR A DOLLAR A BOX. Where is your manager! I demand to speak with him!

Me: I understand you want to speak to him, but you will have to wait a moment he is assisting another customer. And as for the price of the Cliff Bars, I understand you get them for "a dollar a box" but WE do not, and we have to make a profit.

She storms off and interrupts my manager. Manager explains that even at whole sale prices, we don't even get them for a dollar a box. This back and forth continues for a minute or so until my manager finally concedes in order to make her GTFO and agrees to sell them to her for ยข50 each. She scoffed at the offer but ended up buying them (all nine bars), the whole time complaining and telling the cashier about her "dollar a box" nonsense.

I just wanted to tell her to go back to Maine and buy her cliff bars there if it was in fact such a good deal, but instead i smiled and said, "Thanks for coming in! Have a great day!"



Toxic Coworkers: Several In One Boad


Carolanne argh 4From: Potionsmstrs

I work in a male dominated workplace. Out of 70 employees, I am one of the five females. The drama here (between the men) is ridiculous. Just a few examples:

One Captain we had was too smart for the job. Excellent boat handler but he would get bored and start picking on someone on his crew. He would become ruthless and either pick apart the employee's work and find a way to get them fired. Months and months of harassment and finally the person would either quit or snap and do something to get fired.

Another one is one of those people who loves to ague. One of his crewmembers mentioned that it was snowing.

This guy started arguing, saying, "No it isn't. It's raining."

The crewmember held out their hand, held some snowflakes and showed it to the ass. They still argued it wasn't snowing.

The habitual liar. Every word was a lie. Did you take out the trash? "Yep, there wasn't much, but I got it." Every trash barrel is 3/4 full. Stupid stuff like that. Then he lied about his workman's comp injury and finally got fired.

One of the few females can't stand me, which I don't mind. She is lazy and thinks she is a supervisor because she has been here longer than other people, but she won't get any certification to officially make her a pseudo-supervisor. I call her out on her idiocy and delegation of responsibilities (everyone else works except her because she delegated the work to everyone else) on occasion. She goes crying to the boss sometimes, but they don't care because they know she is full of shit and are waiting for her to fuck up bad enough to fire. (Unless you cause a major accident or forge paperwork, it is near impossible to fire someone here.)

The people who complain about money but refuse to work overtime. Our work place begs people to work OT. We don't run without warm bodies on the boat. I over hear people say things like, "I don't have enough gas money to make it through the week and I ran out of heating oil and my bank account is at $-250." Work some fucking OT. They always say no to it.

I'm sitting in the parking lot dreading to go in because I have to deal with more other work drama today. "You hurt my feelings because you didn't help me do my job while you were doing your job" crap.



What's The Worst Thing You've Been Called at Work: Misty Meanor's American Ass Tale



Closing out RHU's Worst Thing You've Been Called at Work theme is a tale from Misty Meanor and some sound advice about verbally abusive custys who think it's no big deal to call workers foul names:

A long time ago, when I was writing under my old pseudonym, I told a woman from a nearby restaurant that she had to wait in line to pick up her photographs, and she seemed unhappy, but I didn't think much of it.  After finishing with the couple I was helping and welcoming a woman with two young children to my register, the other woman barged in and told the mother she'd just be a minute, then she proceeded to berate me harshly.  The mother tried to interrupt, and the woman told her to shut up, then the woman began to call me every obscenity in the book at least a couple times, even using the n-word at least once! She also added that she was, 'more American than my ass was.' (She was Hispanic, mind you.)
By the time supervisors arrived, she was long gone.  I gently reassured the children she wouldn't be coming back.  That was when I was a lot younger.  Now that I'm a lot older, though, I won't be taking the crap from anyone! If anyone tries going on a rant like that again, or even drops the n-word (or any other slur) on me, I'm ejecting them!

--Misty Meanor