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Custy phone 3From: thepokerchamp

I work in a large Australian phone retail store in my area. The area I live in is known for being quite poor and there are a lot of crazies and or drunks who come in purely to harass us. This is one of their stories.

I do concierge mostly so I was standing near the front of the store when a lady walks in with her trolley and pushes it up against me, with her trolley pushed into me this is the conversation.

Lady- what is the CEOs number !? (already angry)

Me- The Ceo? I don't have their number ... If you need to talk to someone I can try to help, otherwise there is customer care or our complaint hotline which is listed on here ( handing her our pds).

Lady- No no no I need the Ceo number I need to tell him to stop hacking into my phone!

Me .......

Lady - I received a message a few days ago saying that you could see I haven't recharged my phone in a while and if I don't use the number soon it'll expire. Why would you do that? Why're you going through my personal informaaaaation !!!! (Yelling)

Me- I didn't do anything, it's an automated message that gets sent to warn people when their phone numbers are inactive for a long time so they don't lose the number.

Lady - Why would you hack my phone ? That's illegal ! I am going to report you to A current Affair!!!! ( one of those shows that expose people/ companies)

Me - It's an automated message. Nobody is looking at your phone ... You can call the complaint hotline if you want but we aren't doing anything to your phone ....and I certainly don't have any access to your phone.

Lady - I've got pictures in there and you have no right to be going through it ! I'm going to report you guys this is illegal! You better stop doing it!

Me - "Okay. Well there's the number. Have a nice day.

Lady - (storming out) it's illegal ! Why are they doing this blah blab blah.





I hope if she did call to complain, whoever answered laughed hysterically at her before hanging up on her. X)

Tech Support Survivor

Did you at least offer her a spare tinfoil hat?

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