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Discountrat1From: buildadog

Okay, so I work at an outdoors store. Like most REI-Like stores, we stock a selection of protein bars and "athletic" snacks.

One day a woman comes up to me carrying a nearly whole box of cliff bars. We'll call her Cliff Bar Queen (CBQ). The following ensued:

CBQ: Excuse me? Hi. I am from Maine and I order these directly from the manufacturer for a dollar a box.

She pulls a bar out and points to the label

these expire in a month! Surely you can cut me a deal

Me: Ohh wow, yes I'm sure we can work something out. Let me speak to my manager.

I walk away. The manager was helping another customer so I ended up asking another associate for advice and she told me to give her 15% off. The bars are $1.50 to begin with.

I returned to her and told her the offer and she looked at me like I was a complete idiot.

CBQ: That's it?!? No. THESE. ARE. EXPIRING. I need to speak to your manager!

Me: Okay I will see what we can do but he is currently helping another customer

CBQ: Where is he?! I'll wait.

We walked over to the paddling department and waited like morons as my manager was helping the other customer. CBQ continued to rant saying over and over that she gets them for a dollar a box and that this is ridiculous and how she's from Maine and so on.

Rhu discountMy manager walks off for a moment to the stock room to get an item for his customer, and I quickly intercept him and tell him what's going on. He says to give them to her for a dollar a bar.

We can sell them to you for one dollar each. How is that?

CBQ: What?.....I GET THESE FOR A DOLLAR A BOX. Where is your manager! I demand to speak with him!

Me: I understand you want to speak to him, but you will have to wait a moment he is assisting another customer. And as for the price of the Cliff Bars, I understand you get them for "a dollar a box" but WE do not, and we have to make a profit.

She storms off and interrupts my manager. Manager explains that even at whole sale prices, we don't even get them for a dollar a box. This back and forth continues for a minute or so until my manager finally concedes in order to make her GTFO and agrees to sell them to her for ยข50 each. She scoffed at the offer but ended up buying them (all nine bars), the whole time complaining and telling the cashier about her "dollar a box" nonsense.

I just wanted to tell her to go back to Maine and buy her cliff bars there if it was in fact such a good deal, but instead i smiled and said, "Thanks for coming in! Have a great day!"





Why didn't the manager just tell her to get the fuck out and never come back? She clearly wasn't going to make you guys a profit, she got 9 bars that are $1.50 for 50 cents, you lost $9 in profit to make this bitch happy.

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