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Dumbass 1From: Straight From The Dog's Mouth

Here’s a funny story that happened earlier this spring at the store I work at, though it’s not really related to dogs I still got a good laugh out of it. She never came back so I don’t know what the end result was. (Probably just a fat bunny)

A lady came in to our store and was looking frustrated, pacing between the small animal and the cat section. I went over and asked her if she needed a hand with anything, she asked if I could help her with a few questions she had and I told her sure. I was definitely NOT prepared for the questions she was about to ask; our conversation went something like this:

Lady: I think my rabbit is pregnant with my cat; should I feed the baby’s cat food or rabbit food?

Me: Uhhhhhhhh (Is she serious?) the cat and the rabbit are both pregnant?

Lady: No, my rabbit isn’t fixed and neither is my cat and I let my rabbit wander around my house one day and I couldn’t find her for an hour and now she’s getting really fat, I think my male cat got her pregnant. She’s going to have cabbits.

Me: Cabbits?

Lady: Yes, Cabbits. Have you heard of them?

Me: Oh, I wasn’t aware that they existed, are you sure?

Lady: Oh yes! I researched all about them. I met a lady at the park who said that her cat was impregnated by a rabbit! She even brought the baby cabbits over so I could see them with my own eyes!

Kurilian-bobtailMe: What did they look like?

Lady: Well they looked mostly like kittens except they had a bunny tail and their back legs looked like rabbit legs.

Me: (Immediately thinks of a Manx or bobtail cat and is wondering if the lady she met at the park thinks this is as hilarious as I do and brought over some Manx kittens to show her).

Lady: So what should I feel the babies? Should I just mix some kitten and rabbit food together?

Me: What did the lady with the other cabbits feed them?

Lady: Oh! I should have asked her!

Me: Well, I would say that if they come out of the rabbit then they will take after the mom and you should feed them rabbit food.  If they come out of a cat then they are likely more cat than rabbit and you should feed them kitten food.

Lady: Oh, OK! *Picks up a few bags of rabbit food* Thank you SO much for your time, you’ve been very helpful!

Me: Bring them by when they’re born!

Lady: Oh I’ll try!

I really don’t think she was kidding; she had a serious face the whole time. If you don’t believe me, my co-worker was standing right there the whole time trying not to laugh, we googled cabbits as soon as she left. The worst part? I later found out that she works at a bank… god help us all.

Just in case you were wondering, this is probably what this lady saw (It’s a Kurilian Bobtail Cat). Unless it WAS a real cabbit, and my dog lays eggs.

--Straight From The Dog's Mouth




Sadly, many otherwise intelligent people believe in cabbits. I first heard of this when my own father, a once rational person who actually made a living as a scientist, was, in absolute sincerity, telling me about a colony of them near his house.

Tech Support Survivor


Could not have kept a straight face.


I had a friend when I was in grade school that thought there were rabbit/cat hybrids. Around the time she said it there was a thing on the news about a rabid cat and I thought maybe she thought they said rabbit when they said rabid.

Kai Lowell

The first thing I think of is Ryo-oh-ki Just no.


I was once witness to an extremely entertaining argument centering on the existence of squittens. This is even better.

Eddy Cator

*SNERK* Squittens! I would genetically engineer some Frankenstein hybrid just to be able to call it Squittens. And because I can't figure out if it's a squirrel or a squid I'll give it a fluffy tail and tentacles.



The Maine Coon breed of cat is supposed to be so named from having raccoon in the strain from the size of them. BS, of course.

It's a good thing this woman didn't see the kitten I rescued. He was a bobtail and there was something wrong with his spine, so he couldn't move his back legs separately. So he literally hopped. He could move pretty darn fast, believe it or not. Unfortunately, his condition caused a problem that was both painful and unable to be helped, so I had to have him put to sleep at about 6 months.

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