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Background: I deliver furniture for a family owned business, I also live in a cold climate where winter is nine months of the year.

The setup: It is late February, middle of winter. We are delivering a sofa, loveseat and chair. All pieces except the sofa comes in parts.

We arrive at the house, the sidewalks look clear. My copilot goes about getting the pieces moved to the back of the truck, I go in to say hello and scout the path. As I'm walking up a single slab of sidewalk is covered in a thin sheet of invisible ice. I nearly slip walking up with a piece of paper in my hand. We go through the steps. I see where it's going everything is fine.

Me: Okay, looks good, we'll starting bringing everything in, do you have salt or anything to put down? The sidewalk is very clear except in one small spot.

Mrs. Customer: What? No, we've used all out rock salt clearing the ice!

Me: Okay, well, we can bring in everything but the sofa, it's a motion piece and too heavy to safely move across the ice.

Mrs. Customer: Well, we don't have any salt. You have to deliver it, we paid for delivery.

Me: And we're here to deliver it, but I've slipped while carrying furniture before. It's not something I'll risk again.

This is all true, the winter before I have a 100kg console fall on my pelvic region when I slipped on ice and ended up -under- the console. At this point also, Mr. Customer who was standing in the bleachers has quietly slipped away into the back. Also at this point my co pilot has started to bring in the backs. He's noticed the ice patch and has been careful to avoid it (by walking in the foot deep snow).

Mrs. Customer: Well, what do you want me to do about it?

Me: It is only a little spot, if there is no sand or anything, even some table salt could-


Me: Blank, stunned expression Well... if you'd like to reschedule delivery of the sofa until the ice melts...


Me: Yes, and we can deliver everything, but I am not carrying that sofa over the ice.

At this point Mr. Customer has reappeared outside, and copilot points him out to me. He's found the offending patch of ice and is sprinkling rock salt over it.

Me: Oh, it appears Mr. Customer has found more salt. Looks like the ice won't be an issue anymore, we'll get your furniture right in.

I found out later that she had called and complained to the manager about my refusing to carry in her sofa. She did not give any of the ice-related details.




Tech Support Survivor

F that customer. Any place with winter nine months of the year stocks up on de icer. I know lots of drivers who carry salt/kitty litter/sand with them. Both joe citizen up to delivery drivers and even the buses.

At this point you ask your manager if she would have rather an upset customer or a workers comp claim when you slipped and broke your leg.


"I found out later that she had called and complained to the manager about my refusing to carry in her sofa. She did not give any of the ice-related details."

After my manager got the true story from me, they called back and told that bitch if she ever lied to them again, they would be put on the 'do not deliver' list. X)

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