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Some time ago I managed the seafood department of a high-end supermarket. I enjoyed my job, especially specialty fabrication orders. But, what I loved most, was entertaining kids!

At the end of the combined meat & seafood counter was a tank of live lobsters. Whenever I had a customer with a small child, or saw a parent passing with a cranky one, I would offer to let the kid(s) pet a lobster. Some were hesitant, some were excited, but all got awestruck when actually petting a lobster!

I would put a glove on one of their hands, take the lobster in my hand, show them different features about lobsters, and let them pet to their hearts' content.

The parents always thought it was neat / took pictures. And I was the most favorite stop on grade school tours.

I miss that about that position.





I think I remember someone doing this for me when I was younger because I was interested in sea life (and still am). It was so cool and creepy at the same time. :)

Kai Lowell

I wanna pet a lobster!

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