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Crazy People Encounters: Stop Hacking My Phone!


Custy phone 3From: thepokerchamp

I work in a large Australian phone retail store in my area. The area I live in is known for being quite poor and there are a lot of crazies and or drunks who come in purely to harass us. This is one of their stories.

I do concierge mostly so I was standing near the front of the store when a lady walks in with her trolley and pushes it up against me, with her trolley pushed into me this is the conversation.

Lady- what is the CEOs number !? (already angry)

Me- The Ceo? I don't have their number ... If you need to talk to someone I can try to help, otherwise there is customer care or our complaint hotline which is listed on here ( handing her our pds).

Lady- No no no I need the Ceo number I need to tell him to stop hacking into my phone!

Me .......

Lady - I received a message a few days ago saying that you could see I haven't recharged my phone in a while and if I don't use the number soon it'll expire. Why would you do that? Why're you going through my personal informaaaaation !!!! (Yelling)

Me- I didn't do anything, it's an automated message that gets sent to warn people when their phone numbers are inactive for a long time so they don't lose the number.

Lady - Why would you hack my phone ? That's illegal ! I am going to report you to A current Affair!!!! ( one of those shows that expose people/ companies)

Me - It's an automated message. Nobody is looking at your phone ... You can call the complaint hotline if you want but we aren't doing anything to your phone ....and I certainly don't have any access to your phone.

Lady - I've got pictures in there and you have no right to be going through it ! I'm going to report you guys this is illegal! You better stop doing it!

Me - "Okay. Well there's the number. Have a nice day.

Lady - (storming out) it's illegal ! Why are they doing this blah blab blah.



Discount Rats: "I'm A Veteran. What Did He Do To Deserve A Discount?"


Carolanne trooperFrom: Burn-Account

I'm just getting to my shift at fast food restaurant.

We get a 25% discount on food. So I order a sandwich, my manager puts in the discount on.

At this time, a customer comes in and sees that I got a cheaper price. I walk behind the counter to go to the back, and I hear, "I want whatever coupon he got (pointing at me)"

Manager (at the register still): "I'm sorry sir, he is an employee, so he gets a base 25% off our sandwiches because we value their work."

Man: "Well, I have to ask what he has ever done except be a waste of space? I am a military veteran, 1992-99 unit XXX, and I deserve a discount!"

Manager: "It's great to hear that you served, we have so much respect for those that served, but sadly we don't have such a discount program for veterans. If you want, you can always call (corporate #) and suggest such a program."

Man: "That's ridicules that you would give that worthless piece of trash a discount when you won't even help out a military veteran! I will make sure all my friends and all of the veteran's rights groups of (city) aware of how you treat the heroes of this great nation!"

Thank you?



What's The Worst Thing You've Been Called at Work: As a Teenager Working a Drive-In



Like Misty and many of you I've been called just about every horrible thing you can think of by angry custys, with the F word (and many accessorized variations of it) leading the pack. But after reading all of RHU's worst names and recalling what mine is, it's fascinating how the worst is not always the swear word insults that remain haunting our work hell memories.

For me the worst insult happened when I was working at a drive-in during high school. I was either a sophomore or Junior and it was my first job. Like many teenagers, I was going through a bad bout of acne at the time so was completely insecure and embarrassed by my complexion.  

One Saturday night the four screen drive-in was packed and three of the movies had sold out. There were still many cars lined up trying to get in and I had to go out to the front boxoffice area and help direct cars out and tell people movies were sold out.

A pick up truck with a cab holding several couples who looked somewhat redneck-ish became furious when I told them Friday the 13th had sold out. As they swore up a storm and complained that it was our fault for not getting the cars in fast enough, the driver looked at me and said:

"Well, thanks for ruining our night, pizza face!"

He then drove off, making a u-turn and peeled out of the drive-in's entrance, leaving me standing there speechless, trying to understand why he said such a shitty thing to me. It wasn't my fault the fucking movie had sold out. They were probably drunk and just being pissy, and they probably forgot even saying it seconds after driving away. If they had just said fuck you, I probably wouldn't remember the moment either. But unfortuantley their insult was direct hit.

Thank you all for sharing your worst names and custy moments with RHU this month.