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They do indeed have fire at a discount, I saw bins of propane torches when I was in there, for like 3$. :P


Dad once bought a saw there that burst into flames, so I also can confirm there is an actual sale on fire there.


"It was a hacksaw. We still don't know how it caught on fire." Heh. :)

They're great for things you only need to use once or twice. They're cheap Chinese crap for the most part, but cheap is the point.


Agree for the most part, but I have a drill press from there that's 12-13 years old. I also have a 10 year old angle grinder that's lasted 5 times longer than my last Dewalt. (I buy the disks at Home Depot, though) Just depends on the thing. Welding and compressor tools are good, too... Under no circumstances do I buy anything "cordless". Now **that** is some serious junk. It's the consumables that are really bad there... bits, disks, masking tape, etc...

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