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Sale7From: cIumsythumbs

We're doing a BOGO 50% off sale on all sweaters. Customer comes to the counter with one $45 sweater. Great. Now I have to remind her of the sale, this seldom goes well, and only frustrates the customer.

I tell her, and she has nothing else in mind, so she goes to look for her half-off sweater. After a few minutes, she comes up with a $40 sweater. Pointing to the $45 one, "So this one is half-off, then."

Me, "Sorry, the lower priced one is half off. It's pretty standard in retail."

This professional looking 40-something lady snorts at that, "Well, not all stores do that. Some will give you the more exspensive one."

This pissed me off a bit, I kept my voice calm, but I had to say something, "I've never seen a store that's done that. Let me know who does, because I'd LOVE to shop there!"

Then I chuckled. I am convinced that there is literally no store in existence that has this policy. If there is, someone please tell me which one it is, so that I can buy a stick of gum and get a new TV for half off.

So, yeah, does your store do BOGO 50% sales? Do they give 50% off the higher priced item? I swear she was full of shit. Someone prove me wrong!





what's worse is when a custy comes up with just 1 item.
"the sign says these are 50% off!"

Misty Meanor

In the past if something was buy one get one free, you could buy one for half off, but corporate changed the rules so you have to buy two. Unfortunately, not everyone's happy about that.

And for buy one get one half off, it's the lower of the two items.


It's always the lower price of the two items. This is just like a little kid going, "If you don't do what I want, I'll go be someone else's friend!"


Or what's worse is Buy two get one free. Yes dear customer, we'll gladly allow you to buy the two $5 games and get the $60 for free.


I'll buy a pack of gum and get a brand new PS4 for Free! Yay!

Kai Lowell

Oddly enough, I have come across a situation where the more expensive item was the one 50% off - at a Kohl's sale. I don't know what the hell was going on, but the cashier confirmed it was supposed to do that...

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