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As a Disney cast member, dealing with bad coworkers is a fact of life.

Unfortunately, Disneyland requires literally tens of thousands of employees in order to stay running, and this means that there will inevitably be some people with zero work ethic who roll their eyes at the job like it's beneath them because it's "just Disneyland."

What compounds the problem is that it is nearly impossible to get "separated from the company" (read: fired) for incompetence or poor performance. Instead, Disney operates on a rigid point system.

Call in sick? 3 points. Clock in late? 1.5 points. Get 15 points in 6 months, or 24 points in a year, and you're fired. The points stay on your record for 365 days.

So if you are terrible at your job, and fail to perform your basic duties, such as being in your correct position, using appropriate language, being friendly and helpful to guests, being accessible to guests, and emphasizing safety first, it will most likely go unnoticed. Even if guests complain about you, this will likely be covered up by the immediate supervisor in order to prevent further audits and oversight from upper management.

Strangely enough, one thing Disney is incredibly concerned about is the online activities of its cast members. Using social media to speak badly about the company, or trying to sell/barter your Disney benefits (ie: "Give me $20 and I'll get you into the park for free") will get you terminated instantly, and they are very watchful for these things.

For this reason, I cannot be more specific and risk revealing my exact position, but the next time you are at Disneyland, really take a critical look at the cast members. Every single one of them should be bright eyed and smiling, ready and happy to help you, never leaning or sitting, never idly chatting among themselves, never turning their back on guests, never accessing personal electronics in view of guests.

When I see two cast members leaning against a wall, chatting with each other, ignoring guests and checking their cell phones, it's just incredibly frustrating, because I know they'll never be punished, and to rat them out serves no purpose except to make everyone hate you. You just have to let them make you look bad and decide that you'll be that much better to make up for it.




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