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Skullies evilFrom: fancyghost

I worked at a mall record store in the early 90's. The assistant manager was the one who really pushed to get me hired (or so I'm told). She was cool for a while and then she hired a cute guy and tried putting moves on him constantly.

He was kind of an air-head, so was pretty oblivious, but he and I became friends and would hang out outside of work. This enraged the assistant manager so much that she tried to poison me!

I know this because I often had the inglorious task of mopping the floors, so we'd put ammonia in the rolling mop bucket. Point is, I was very familiar with the smell.

SOMEONE (gee, I wonder who?) had taken a small box of cookies off of my shelf space in the back and soaked them in ammonia, dried them out and put them back, hoping I wouldn't notice. They were still somewhat soggy and the smell was obvious.

She also got the guy fired and tried to set up my other friend to make it look like he was stealing, but she got caught and ended up getting fired.

I looked her up on FB recently. She's surprisingly not in jail!





She isn't in jail because, for some reason, you neglected to report her act of attempted murder.


She tried to murder you and you didn't call the police? Not the brightest bulb in the box, are you?


For goodness sake! fancyghost didn't have any proof it was the manager, did she? Obviously it was, but that's not going to work with the police. At least she got fired for something else.

Kai Lowell

Morag's right; you've got to have actual proof, not just a he-said-she-said situation.

It is the job of the police to look for evidence, not the victim. There may have been fingerprints, there may have been incriminating video footage, and there may have been eyewitnesses. Contrary to what you see on television, people get convicted on purely circumstantial cases all the time - it's more common that not, in fact.

And whether an arrest was made or not, a police report would have been filed on a very serious crime, and having the cops interviewing everyone in the store is a real wakeup call for the entire company. (And retaliating by firing the victim is a mistake very, very few companies will make, and if they do, they generally don't last long since *everyone* will know they did, employees and customers alike. At the very least, it takes them long enough to build a case for firing you for something else that you can find another job.)

Misty Meanor

My sympathies. That bitch deserves to rot in hell.

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