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What's The Worst Thing You've Been Called at Work: Coworker Edition



From Iridescent_Glas:

I had a coworker try to get me fired when I worked at a college library. She had brought five friends in after closing and had them do her job for her. She had gotten pissed off when I told her friends to leave.

So she reported me for "sitting around doing nothing because she [me] was a lazy c**t."

Unfortunately for her, I had been there a year and half, she had been there three weeks.

So I told the supervisor about her friends.

Guess who got fired?


Guess who got to keep their job?

Me. X) 




Misty Meanor

Bad idea: Inviting your friends over to do your work.

Even worse idea: Reporting your senior co-worker for being a 'lazy c**t' when you're the one who's at fault.

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