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From: DW

It wasn't in retail - it was in a payroll department. I docked a worker for being late as per the union contract.

She freaks and calls me a racist because she thinks I think "black people can't add."

WTF? Are you serious? You are docked because you're fucking late, not because you think that I think you can't do math because of your skin color???

That was a baddddd day in my office. Car was keyed, too.






I'm guessing said idiot got arrested for damages to your car.


@Iridescent_Glas - In a nice Disney ending, that would be perfect. Unfortunately, I am betting that unless there was security cam footage the poster was just told "Well we can't prove who did this, and we can't talk to someone just because they were mad at you." If the worker also had a friend do it while they were alibied at work or elsewhere, then it gets even harder to have consequences.

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