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From: Gemini

When I was working inbound calling for customer service, I had a rude-ass custy scream at me, then at my supervisor.

To be fair, it was my second day (first day had been non-stop training), and my second phone call *ever*. I was still learning the product and offered to have her hold while I found out the answer to her detailed and very account-specific question.

As soon as she transferred to my supe, she screamed at her to "keep that fucking retard off the phone until you train her better!"

Eight years later, I was a supervisor of my own department and even THEN, I had managerial approval to NEVER take a call from her. It was great, because I had approval to reject claims from her when they came in - although, being the better person, I only rejected them when they were blantantly wrong.




The only person I've ever thrown out of a store (in 30 years of retail) was a guy who looked me in the eye and told me the reason we didn't have the color of paint we wanted was that all our employees were mentally retarded.

I will forever treasure the look on his face when I started dialing the phone number for the police (he refused to leave), and he realized that if he didn't leave, he was going to jail.

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