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From: RHUer

I was accused of being blasphemous by this one smug-faced bitch who came to me while I was working on a Sunday shift and said that I was committing a sin for working on "the Sabbath."

When I told her that I'm only here because SHE is violating the Sabbath by choosing to shop that day, she ran screaming to my manager and cursed up a storm saying that I was blasphemous and that I should be fired.

My manager sided with me and said, "Actually, I wouldn't have had to schedule him today if you chose to do your shopping yesterday or tomorrow, so I don't see how he's insulting your faith when you're the one who chooses to shop on a Sunday in the first place. HE didn't MAKE you get in your car and come here today. YOU chose to do that! Now HOW can I help you again, ma'am?"

For a woman who believes so much in God, she certainly yelled enough swear words to be going down the path to HELL instead. LOL!!!





That 'houlier-than-thou' attitude isn't getting that woman any bonus points. X)

Eddy Cator

I see you're not familiar with the "That doesn't apply to me because I'm a Good Christian" Card.

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