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Gas Station Hell Flashback with Terah: No ID, No Smokes



From Terah when she worked in Gas Station Hell. If you don't already love her after reading her flashback posts, you will after this one!

Posted to RHU April, 2014:

I’m in the window for lunch break when this little cock sucker comes up and orders. I ask him for his ID because he looks young and he pats himself down.

Idiot: I don’t have it with me. I’m in here all the time, though!

Terah: No ID, no smokes. Shouldn’t be driving without it.

He gets pissed and peels out. I notice he’s heading to the gas station and ask Sign Girl to take the window and go to call them. However, I come to the realization that they won’t get the call before he gets in there. I slam the phone down and take off running as fast as my fat legs will carry me through the back and EXPLODE through the door.

Shift Leader 2 and Giggles are both in there looking at me like I’m crazy when in walks the idiot.

I smiled as brightly as I could and waved. "HI AGAIN!"

His face falls and he gets fucking PISSED at me. He flips me off and calls me a "fucking cunt" as he goes to storm out.

I kept smiling and, since no other customers were in the store, I shouted "WELL FUCK YOU, TOO, ASSHOLE!" at the top of my voice as cheerfully as I could manage.

I later found out that he actually WAS 18 (By a few months), but I still stand by my decisions that day. We card you if you look under 27, and there’s no need to throw a bitch fit like a 2 year old.

I had a good day aft




I dunno what state you're in, but in California both the store and you, personally, would get fined for not checking ID, even if he was 18. The law doesn't require he be 18, it requires you be able to prove you checked.

"I'm sorry, sir, but what you're demanding is a crime. If you continue to demand I commit a crime, I will call 911."


Running into another store almost feels like an overreaction, but if this idiot cannot prove his age SOMEHOW, he deserves to be shunned from multiple stores.


That was a real epic way to handle that, OP. :D If you want to make a purchase for something that is age restricted, have something on you, like your ID, that proves your age. :)


The only way this would have gone better is if he had gotten pulled over and didn't have his ID.

Nanny McSpazz

I never quite understood why people of legal age get the panties in a twist over being carded. When I was old enough to start buying age restricted products I happily show my ID. I'm not going to cost someone's job over something silly.

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