Rudest Custy Encounters: Don't Call My Cashier Names And Expect Me To be Nice To You
Dumbass Coworkers: Beware Of Facepalm Concussions In This One, Folks...



'Please applaud with hands only'

As apposed to? teeth?, feet?, eye lids?.

what have I been missing out on?


These rules were published when my grandfather was one year old and my grandmother hadn't been thought of until 1917. I liked looking at the old pictures they had on the walls of their parents and siblings when I visited them. The same rules of 1912 can be applied to 2016!


KingfisherDrew; Probably goes with the 'no whistling' one.

Kai Lowell

I was wondering the same thing, Drew.

Eddy Cator

You can often give "applause" by stamping your feet (such as in Ancient Greek times) and banging your chair on the ground (in the Elizabethan era). Both appreciations were very noisy, and could result in broken furniture, or even legs! In some countries its still popular to stamp or knock on tables rather than clap.

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