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Has anybody else ever reverse-sabotaged themselves at work?

For example, a few years back I worked as a rock climbing instructor at a gym owned by an enormous prolapsed asshole. I had gotten myself on his shit list for being vocally annoyed that I had been assigned as the only instructor/supervision for a group of 30 or so tweens who were having a birthday party. I just wanted help keeping these kids alive, since that age group tends to do stupid things anyway, and when you give them access to a 50 foot climbing wall, you're just asking for trouble.

Anyway, Fartbrain McGee was unhappy with me and since I couldn't afford to be jobless right then, I hatched a plan. I filled out one of the waivers we made people sign before climbing for a fictitious person and created a throwaway email account for this purpose. When I got the expected survey I proceeded to give myself a glowing, yet still believable, review. It was enough to get back in his good graces for a while, at least.

I don't always get good reviews, but when I do, I write them myself.
Stay sane, my friends.









Late to the party but....

My sister shops where I work and since we have different last names, she would send in customer service emails about the bad coworkers for us, sometimes more than one since she had multiple email addresses, and used her mother in laws name. I never specifically told her to send in the reports, but I would tell her what the worst ones were up the AM closing the store an hour early because she just didn't feel like working, or the former AM who thought she'd have time to get a pedicure on her 30 minute break and walked around the store for the next two hours wearing the pedicure flip flops.

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