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RHU Monthly Themes: July 2016




Hard to believe it RHU, but summer is here and in full swing! For many of us it was a little late in coming, but now that La Niña is settling in to drive up temperatures and give us all a good baking, the heat will definitely be on in the coming months.

Inside at our workplaces, the temperatures can be extreme too with air conditioning not working or working too much, crustys overly mean because of the heat, and coworkers turning into crustys because they didn't get sleep the night before...because of the heat. Yes, summer work fun arrived. 

No matter what firestorm you are dealing with at work, we will be doing our best to make the Underground your cooling agent, a place to rest with chuckles and interest. Thank you for being on RHU and sharing your inspiration with us and the world.:)

We want to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July! We hope you are off and get to enjoy it with friends and family. If you do have to work, we're wishing you a day free from hell and one with only nice custys and coworkers that make you laugh.

Stay cool RHU!

Here's what we're baking up for you this month:



Gas Station Hell

Whether you're a waypoint on their road trip or just doing their daily petrol purchase, there's a neverending stream of custys and crustys striding through your station causing hell.

Since RHU's birth, we have had many Gas Station Slaves send in their stories and rants on what life is like as a cashier. New RHUer Zombie Clerk gets things started below with How To Be a Good Gas Station Custy and we'll also be posting Flashbacks at the Pump from Terah and Gas Girl, who were some of the first RHUers to post rants and stories about gas station life on the Underground. 

If you work at a station or have experienced a situation at one, we'd love to hear your convenience store hell stories; the smoker at the pumps, the ones that pump and then drive away, the ones who want their cheap-but-overpriced booze, and the ones who want to make your day a living hell. 


Cowcusty4Rudest Custy Encounters

Returning from last year, our theme asks for your rudest. That means going through your archives to find the one that left their biggest mark upon your soul. The one that makes you wonder just how horrible their life must be to walk around with that mindset lodged in their skull. The one who truly must be suffering from the worst live ever in the history of the universe. This is THE customer who had the worst attitude you've ever encountered before or since. The Rudest Custy.




RHSEPT 296Dumbass Coworkers

We've done Dumbass Custys this year (May), now it's time for the Dumbass to shift to your coworkers.

It's one thing to sigh and facepalm at someone you're not going to constantly see. It's quite another to realize, "Oh god, I have to work with this idiot..."

That being said, we won't turn away stories of the dumbass coworkers who gloriously got themselves fired for their shenanigans either!

No matter how many times you've given yourself a facepalm concussion, send them all in!




[Passive Aggressive Coworkers]

Our first photo theme involves obnoxious notes left behind by coworker. You know, the people who have a bone to pick, but no spine to say it, so they leave an unsigned note. Or they write comments on other notes and signs; sometimes mean, sometimes bitchy, sometimes critical, sometimes silly, but these passive aggressive coworker notes are always funny!

Snap a shot of a sign left behind by one of your coworkers/managers/etc complaining in a not-so-subtle manner about something done, or not done, that needs to be rectified.




[Movie Marquee Madness]

Those summer blockbusters should be coming in hard and fast now! And as you sprint up to the booth to grab a ticket... or else trudge into the box to hand them out... take a peek at the movie marquee touting your favorite movie titles. You might be surprised to find a bit of humor squeezed in. Whether it's juxtaposition of a few movie titles, or a groan worthy abbreviation, see if you can catch a not-so-smooth movie theater marquee and send it to us!




Fake [Seems Legit]

Seems Legit is a term that has been around the net for a few years now, with it being very popular on places like reddit. We posted them before on RHU and there are so many funny ones out there, we decided to get legit for this month!

If you haven't heard the sarcastic term before, it's meaning is derived from the idea of businesses and products going to great lengths to make themselves seem worthy of your money. And sometimes their approach is way off and whatever they are hawking looks more shady than anything.

Whether you're looking at a factory mistake, a cheap knockoff, or lackluster effort from a company that seems to want your money, these things inspire a sarcastic "seems legit" from the depths of your soul. Snap a shot and send to RHU!



As always, please send your submissions to:





for "Movie Marquee Madness", PLEASE be real marquees and not more of the meme generator website outputs!!!


We will SS. I think we have all real ones.... I hope anyways! lol
If you see any send them to us! :)


Oh boy! I've been saving up my gas station stories for a while now!

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