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Managed an American Eagle about 10 years ago, and at the time (not sure if this still true), we only carried adult sizes. So it was the post-Christmas return extravaganza and we were getting ready to close up for the night and this clearly frustrated (a little teary) woman came in dragging a big shopping bag with one hand and a 7 year old boy with the other.

She threw the bag at a cashier and said. "I need to return this coat - my aunt bought it for my 7 year old, and clearly it won't fit him. We never shop here, so I just want the cash." No receipt, no gift receipt.

The cashier said what she was supposed to: without a receipt we have to issue a store credit for the current price (1/2 of what the price tag said). We'd had our director of Loss Prevention audit the store just before the holidays and he stressed that it was a no-exceptions policy because of the shoplifting rings that were active in the area.

It turns out this woman had just had a similar experience down at the Limited, and was not accustomed to not getting her way, because she unleashed a volcano of words that her 7 year old should not have heard.... including calling my poor cashier a slut.

Our store was oddly shaped so in the amount of time it took me to run to the registers, the poor cashier (a college freshman who had just worked 10 hours) was in tears. I sent her her to the back to relax and just looked at that woman with the fury of a thousand suns because no one makes my cashiers cry.


Jason Grr

The woman took a step back and then tried again with, "I want to return this, my son got it as a gift and it doesn't fit him, we don't shop here and he just wants the money to buy a toy, and I don't understand why you can't make an exception for a loyal customer!!"

So I gave her the line, "Well we're only supposed to issue store credit for returns without a receipt, but I could call my District Manager for an exception under the circumstances."

She says, "Good. Do that."

Me: "Now, tell me why I should?"

She looked shocked by my arctic tone.

Me: "You came in here, threw the bag and started yelling. You made my cashier cry. You said words you should never say to another person. She's just trying to earn money to pay for her college textbooks, and you called her a slut. Moreover, you said you don't shop here. So what do I care if you never shop here again? In fact, after your behavior tonight, I'd prefer that you never shop here again. So take the coat and get out. My DM will be here at 10 am tomorrow. I'll leave him a note tonight telling him what you did. If you come in tomorrow, with an apology note for the cashier, he may consider returning this for you. But I sincerely doubt it."

And then I looked at her kid and said, "See? Bad behavior doesn't get you what you want. Don't act like your mom."

Turns out she had tried this shtick all over the mall - the manager at the Limited said they didn't cave because the stuff she was returning just happened to have been stolen from their front table by 'someone' on Christmas Eve... plus she didn't have a receipt.





" we don't shop here and he just wants the money to buy a toy, and I don't understand why you can't make an exception for a loyal customer!!"

And you don't see ANY contradiction in that?


And that's how you truly deal with abusive customers or random people. X)

Misty Meanor

I'll bet you money that woman was involved in the shoplifting, if not directly than maybe an accomplice!


It's great you have your cashier's back! So many managers side with the customers and some of those people are hurtful.

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