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We're not exactly sure who the target audience is for these Bacardi Breezer ads. Touting "an ugly girlfriend" as the ideal "hotness-boosting accessory," the campaign offers cringeworthy explanations: "Upgrade your trips to the beach with Sally," reads one. "97 kilograms of femininity, strength and double chins. No tires can disguise the lumpy rolls decorating that body." And this appeals to potential buyers of the quintessential girly drink — how? The ad ran for just two months through an Israeli affiliate in 2008 before Bacardi shut it down and issued an apology.







I'm just gonna assume this was a private joke made between friends, which got out of hands and was never meant to be taken seriously...


Hey, an ugly girlfriend may be physically unattractive to you, but you're stuck with your ugly attitude. X)


It's... a really seriously fucked up ad targeted to women, playing off the old (super disgusting) idea that a somewhat attractive woman will look even more attractive next to the 'ugly' friend. Thus, the connection with girly drinks, the beach, and shopping. Girlfriend as in 'girl that is your friend', not as in like, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Kai Lowell

They aren't even ugly. Sheesh.

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