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Carolanne 010

From Tales From Retail, tlsampl:

I have had this happen two or three times the last few days.

I have a customer come to the register on their phone.

I will be Me and the Customer will be OTP (On The Phone):

Me: How are you today ? (as I notice they are on the phone)

OTP: (smiles) continues their phone conversation

Me: Did you find everything today ?

OTP: (smiles) continues their phone conversation

I ring up and bag the items and announce the total

OTP is still talking and takes out their card and swipes it but it has a chip

Me: The chip reader does work

OTP: (smiles) inserts the card

Me: I need a signature please

OTP (smiles) still having her phone conversation but signs the credit card receipt

Me: Have a great evening

OTP: (smiles) picks up the bag while continuing her phone conversation

The person never said anything to me the entire time, just facial expressions to me and never missed a beat in their phone conversation

I still do not understand if you are going to check out at a store why you feel the need to continue your phone conversation and basically ignore the person helping you check out

-- tlsampl


Have you had custys do this to you while you were serving them? Share with RHU. Do you think it has gotten worse over the years?







Defiantly getting worse.
My line of work involves asking questions because sometimes there is are a few options, not an easy thing to do when their on the phone.
There have been a number of times where I've cancelled the sale and moved on to the next customer because they've walked away from the counter while taking a phone call.

Its so rude.


I admit, I was one this person... but only once. In a library, when I was returning books... I felt bad about it, if that is any consolation. And I have not done it since.


They weren't ignoring you, they answered every question. Why are you offended they don't chatter at you?

If there aren't actual answers needed for the transaction, and let's face it, 'did you find everything' is corporate bullshit = content-free noise, the origial poster was chattery, the customer didn't respond, then corporate bullshit that doesn't require a response, told to use the card reader and did so, told to sign and did so, then content-free chatter again.

This didn't affect the transaction at all aside from someone not getting their daily allowance of 'overly friendly interaction'.

With some of the OTHER stories, yeah. They're not listening to questions that actually need to be answered like 'what size do you want', which is a necessary interaction. "How are you" is meaningless noise.


I'll take someone on the phone who's paying attention to the transaction over the expressionless silent types that don't react or respond at all outside of handing over payment any day.

McHell Manager

It's basic manners, in my opinion. The whole time the OP was talking to her, she said nothing. To me that's a bit rude. If I am talking to someone, I expect some form of communication other than a "smile/nod while keeping up my other conversation"

Misty Meanor

I always make sure to get off my phone before I check out. That's just common courtesy. But some people don't give a damn for us retail slaves!


If I'm on the phone and I'm checking out, "Call you back."
If I have headphones in and I'm checking out, I pull them out even if I don't have any music going.
I am polite and pleasant as long as the worker is the same to me. I say please, thank you, and have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night/morning.

It's called manners, which some people have never heard of.


I have told people "I'll just help the next customer while you finish your conversation." Usually gets them to at least say "hang on" and put the phone down long enough to be waited on.


I dunno... As long as they're responding in some way, nonverbally or whatever, and following directions, then I don't see this as rude. I usually have my headphones in when I go into stores due to severe anxiety. I leave one out so I can listen/respond to my environment, but on a bad day the cashier gets a smile, a nod, and payment and then I'm on my way.

People are so damn quick to judge...

Eddy Cator

I'm with TechTyger on this one. Of all the phone call checkout interactions normally posted on this site, this is actually polite. They're responding to the cashier, not holding up the line, following directions, acknowledging the cashier, but doing something else at the same time.

I personally hate being nattered/wittered at by overly perky strangers with verbose and inane corporate jargon. Especially when I'm on my phone, because I'm actually talking to someone I know/important to me. And before someone gets up in my face with "#cashiersarepeopletoo" I know. I get it. I'm usually not on my phone in line, but if I am, I do exactly what this shopper did.

Luckily for me most of the cashiers around here stick with the "hi/thanks for shopping" and leave it at that.

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