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CORPHELL1From hwoodo94, AskReddit

POWDR, a group that ran Park City Mountain Resort, the number three family ski resort in the country, got absorbed by Vail, its competition, and removed from ownership of its resort.


Because after twenty years of having the greatest lease in history (about 150,000 a year for a resort that grosses millions and millions) the end of the lease time rolled around... and they forgot to renew it. Literally, that's it. Someone didn't take down a note, and they turned their paperwork in three days late, got sued, and lost everything.

Do your paperwork.




Nanny McSpazz

When I worked for the Texas prison system they told us that if we didn't properly fill out the paper work then it didn't happen.

Kinda reminds me of the time Microsoft forgot to renew the domain name of Hotmail. Only reason they didn't lose it was the first person to notice was a guy who *really* needed to check his email, so he paid it for them. Claimed he was never going to cash the check they sent him to reimburse him, just frame it on the wall.

Jason Anderson

we had to close one of our locations too because the lease paperwork sat on their desk. The mall came by one day and told the location basically "why arent you closed yet, blah blah starts construction in 4 days" There was nothing the mall or our end could do, so we got moved to a really shitty place in the mall and ended up closing later that year anyway. Not sure if that person in headquarters was fired or not.

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