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Jason 033From Flutilicious

We have 5 days of business left before we close.

People still ask when we will get new product and "when does the "good" sale start?" We have one woman who calls every day to ask what price the underwear is at and says she'll be in when it's a dollar a pair. (Not happening, it's almost sold out at $3.99 each).

My idiot today was our liquidator. We have 2 racks of pants, 1 rack of shirts, 1 rack of bras, and a table of underpants. There's also a small wall section with panty hose and one with more bras. Everything now is $5 if you buy 6 pieces or more (awesome deal...I'll get into that in a minute), but the liquidator is worried that we are going to have left over product when we close Wednesday.

He called this afternoon and asked how business was. When I told him it has been slow traffic, but the ones coming in who can find their size are buying several items. He then tells me that we need to attract traffic so put a rack outside. I told him that wouldn't work and he wouldn't believe me until I told him that 1) it's raining outside so anything we put out will be destroyed 2) We are in a high theft area, if we put a rack outside we will get an empty rack but we won't make any money off of it and 3) we are not seen from the road so putting a rack outside would do us no good, and the town won't let us put signs out by the main streets.

He wasn't too happy with that and said to do it anyway... we didn't.

The awesome deal thing....I got two pair jeans, a pair of capris, a cami tee shirt, a button up shirt, and a bracelet for $32 including tax.





Today was closing day. I was supposed to close the store with a part timer. I got a text from the SM saying not to go in, they'd sold out and she was closing the store early. I really was hoping to have one last day of "can I return this?" "Will the price get any lower" and "Is this all you have?"


What an idiot. 9_9

Bored at the Bookstore

If you' doubt out a rack, I'd be shocke if you got the rack back, even!

Bored at the Bookstore

Whoops, sorry for the above post - a case of too-fast "return key strike". Let's try again, shall we?

"If you'd put out a rack, I'd be shocked if you got even the empty rack back!"

Better. Thank you for your patience, folks.


Oh gawd, the racks! There's a flea market that's held every weekend just over the river from our location. The SM knows someone who has a booth there and called her about buying the old racks and fixtures...she bought pretty much everything...the left them sitting at the store forever before coming to pick things up in small little batches here and there. If somebody ran off with an empty rack the SM would have had to issue a refund and they're taking the registers out today.

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