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Freddy2-027aFrom sarcasticsra, TalesFromRetail

It's the weekend, so the pharmacy closed at 5 today. The pharmacist (not one of the two main ones at our store; she's one of the floaters) brings up the pharmacy till to the customer service desk, behind which is the door to the cash office, which naturally has the safe in it. Of course, it's 5 o'clock, so we're busy, plus covering a break. Both I and my service desk co-worker are on register. I have about three customers in my line, each with fairly small orders.

Pharmacist, obliviously, has someone knock on the door to the cash office. Yeah, sure, lady, there's some mythical person hiding back there in the middle of a rush, good thinking.

"It'll be just a minute," I call over.

She gives me a look like I just requested a kidney.

I check out the first person in my line, and two minutes later, when I'm halfway through the second, she goes, "Can I just set this behind the desk?"

What? No. No, you cannot set a register full of cash where anyone could just walk up and grab it, especially after like twenty people just heard you announce that!

"Just a second," I say, and apologize to my third customer after quickly finishing the second. "I'll be right back, sir, just need to grab that from her really quick." He nods, and I run over.

"Sorry," says the pharmacist, "I have company at home, so..."

So they're going to implode if you're delayed a whole five fucking minutes?

"Uh huh," I say as I put the drawer away, not even bothering to be polite, because fuck you. Your time is not more important than everyone else's.

At least the guy I had to interrupt to go deal with Her Highness was totally fine with it.




Taylor Millett

Does your pharmacy actually allow the pharmacists a true break, where they are shut down for a lunch? Or is like almost every retail pharmacy where they work between 10-14 hour days with no official lunch, bathroom break, or even a minute to sit down? If the pharmacist is supposed to be off the clock at 5, then is kept late by the front-end (off the clock, probably?) then that is wage theft. What is so wrong about wanting to go home when you're scheduled to leave?


Pharmacists think that because they earn the big bucks that their shit don't stink. I've dealt with some really nice ones and I've dealt with some real pills (pun intended). Floaters were some of the worst. Floaters were required to pick up pharmacy keys from the store manager at the start of their shift, and return them at the end. ONLY the manager could get the keys. Of course the floater pharmacists went to everybody BUT the manager and got an attitude when they were told to go to the manager's office. Had one who wouldn't make the effort to go upstairs to the office and instead told the camera clerk to "have the manager bring the keys to the pharmacy", then got angry when the manager wouldn't go.


Taylor, probably because it sounds like it was a sudden, but small rush and leaving work five minutes later is not the end of the world. She could have stuck out a bit, helped get rid of the rush a bit faster and then gone home.

I was asked to remain a few hours extra on the first schoolday at my school supply store, because we had so many customers coming in and buying a ton of stuff for their kids. I said Okay, just let me quick call home and tell my mom that I'll be late.

Even now, if I notice there's a rush of customers coming in five minutes before I am off, I stay behind and make sure they are dealt with, so I don't leave my one co-worker alone.


There's nothing wrong with wanting to go home on time. Doesn't mean everyone else should stop helping customers to make sure that person can go home though.

All she had to do was wait one minute.


Taylor, I get what you're saying about how some pharmacists are treated like the local work horse, however this doesn't sound like one of those. It's not a regular, just a floater (gods what a word), and ending the day at 5 probably meant they hadn't been there more than a standard shift.

I, personally, as a lowly retail slave with no qualifications, would love to get out of work on time every day. That hardly ever happens, but most of the time you just deal with it. It isn't wage theft it's just Sod's law. Wage theft is when they make you clock out and continue work after, there are many posts in here about that particular arsehole move. This person wasn't still working, they were just waiting to store the cash drawer. We've all been there in retail, just because they have letters after their name doesn't mean they are above that little necessary security measure.


They may not even have been clocked out yet. The stores I worked at you did not clock out until AFTER you turned in your drawer, if you were hourly. The regular pharmacists were salaried so it didn't really matter if they had to wait a minute to turn in the drawer.

Taylor Millett

I guess things are done differently here (New York), because the pharmacy is located in the rear of the store (manager's office in the front), and our company requires pharmacy employees to clock in/out on the pharmacy computers. So for us, bringing the drawers up means you've already clocked out, set the alarm, and are heading home. Being that you only just have to drop the drawer in the locked office and come back out, the manager should be able to take 10 seconds and take care of that, in my opinion.


You are forgetting the first rule of retail, Taylor, customers first. Even more so in the US.

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