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Game Store 1From pandorasboxxxy, TalesFromRetail

I had trouble finding a job right out of college so I ended up working at a video game store for a while 5 years or so ago.

I am female and at the time was about 22-23. It was a slow evening.

Guy around my age comes in. Disgusting looking.

Smells like a MMORPG player.

Walks around a few minutes and then asks me if I could get something from the very top shelf where all of the oversized crap that no one buys down so that he could look at it.

Pull down a dusty Halo board game.

Him: "Oh wow, that looks so cool. Aww man, I was hoping it would be single player though. All of my friends moved to the north side of town."

Town is like 3 miles north to south, population 45k.

Me: "That sucks. Sorry."

Him: "It looks so cool though, I don't have anyone to play it with me."

CowcustyI don't really know what to say.

Him: "I wish I had someone to play it with me."

He is cut off by his phone going off... and the ringtone is...

I walk a lonely road
The only one that I have ever known
Don't know where it goes
But it's home to me and I walk alone

Him: "Oh. It's my Mom. She's waiting outside. Gotta go! Sorry!"

He then hands me the box and leaves.

I kind of felt sad for him. But, he did smell really awful. So there was a self-curable reason he probably didn't have friends.





"Smells like a MMORPG player."
Uh, what do they smell like? I play MMORPGs sometimes and, far as I know, I smell rather... unnoticeable. Maybe mildly sweaty, despite deodorant, if the weather is really hot. (My room heats up a lot)

"So there was a self-curable reason he probably didn't have friends."
Thanks for being kind of a bitch about that.
For all you know, it COULD be a glandular problem. Or, you know, maybe friends don't really care what their friends smell like.


Lightning - I play MMORPG as well, and no, there is no relationship between that and smelling fowl. From the sounds of it, this person was in the wrong job completely if she looks down on gamers.

However, friends probably do care what friends smell like. If someone has really bad bo, it can be a struggle to even be in the same area as them and can make you physically sick. They may have the best personality in the world or be the most amazing human, but if I can't be in the same room as them, that is going to limit any social time to online. It's nice to say "friends don't care" but when someone does make you actually ill, the experience is not pleasant.

If it happens to be a long time friend and the smell is something new, than a friend also owes it to the person to mention something. It could be a medical issue that needs to be addressed and the person might not even realize they have a scent since it is hard to smell yourself unless things get really bad.

Tech Support Survivor

OP is the reason people like the sad guy are so sad and alone. Judgemental much?

Kai Lowell

*sniffs self*


Hmmm. Faintest smell of Old Spice deodorant (Bearglove scent, because it reacts nicely to my body chemistry), Dial soap and random mint-scented shampoo. Nope, don't think this MMO player stinks.


"Guy around my age comes in. Disgusting looking.

Smells like a MMORPG player."

Let me guess, 'disgusting looking' is any man that doesn't look like some famous dude, uh, Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, is what I think you're the type to like.

Smells like a MMORPG player. Let's see, my roommates and I wear Axe and Speed stick, and one of them wears a lily scented perfume.

So yeah, sounds like you're in the wrong line of business, sweetheart.

Poor dude, hope he found some friends. :)


Ok, you lot are being way judgemental considering you are trying to call someone else judgemental.

We ALL know what the OP meant, we've all met them and if you haven't you're very lucky. These are the guys (and occasionally girls) who spend their entire lives playing games, they only shower when their mums yell at them to or risk getting kicked out and while they're peeling off the layers of Cheetos and Redbull the mothers venture into the pit to hammer off the sheets from the bed.

I worked with one of those, he stank, he was a disgusting human being and I think the only reason he worked is because his mother threatened to kick him out if he didn't.

So really, you know the type of bloke the OP means and if you want to act high and mighty you can, it just doesn't work with me..


Molly, I have honestly NEVER met someone like that. In fact, it sounds so fake, it almost makes me think it's a stereotype populated by South Park.

Plus, as a gamer myself, I find it an insulting way to describe someone. Not to mention, did it add anything to the story? It didn't. It's not like he said "I never had friends", he makes it clear that his friends all moved elsewhere (and given this kid's age, I highly doubt it was voluntary on their part). It's the storyteller who thinks " You obviously have no friends cause you reek".


Oh, sorry, did I just stumble into Reddit?

I never realised.


Lightning you've never been to a con before. I got a visual the moment I read it. Yeah, there are THOSE gamers out there, and they unfortunately do tend to gravitate towards MMORPGs. What's worse is this is the stereotype people equate to gamers because they also go out in public like this. It's pretty sad, and pretty pathetic when you consider its a self-caused problem.

Tech Support Survivor

Not all gamers smell bad and live in their mothers basements.

Yes there are a -few- who hit every stereotype, but just assuming someone is from looking at them is beyond judgemental.

I am a gamer, have played all sorts, including MMORPGs.

Disgusting looking, was he dressed in rags? Something he had been wearing for 3 days straight? Or was this a dig that you thought he was out of shape?

Kai Lowell

My own *brother* fulfilled that stereotype for a while due to a medical issue. So yes, I know the stereotype of whence this speaks. He thought it fair for people to stereotype *him* like that (since, well, he was) but if anyone ever tried to stereotype all gamers like that in his presence? It ended up sort of Hulk-like - "you won't like me when I'm angry" sort of thing. Completely non-violent mind you, but he's very tall, very large and not afraid to use that to his advantage.

So basically what I'm getting at is that yes the stereotype exists, but it's the labeling of *all* gamers as such that's rubbing me the wrong way. The dude in this story could full well have been the very manifestation of the stereotype and I won't argue that.'s not everyone. Really.


I avoided commenting on this at first because I was so freakin' aggravated after reading the original post.

Some of the coolest people I've ever met are MMORPG players and while I understand that there are stereotypes about them, it's no less aggravating to read about one in a post. These people are still people. People come in all shapes, sizes and smells. It doesn't make them creepy. I'm assuming that's what the OP meant by creepy since I didn't see anything else in the post to indicate creepiness unless you include loneliness. As for Reddit, I can assume you've never really been there as the comment section on this post is absolutely nothing in comparison.

I've seen some questionable posts in the past but never have I seen one that so disgusted me. It's good to vent about the customers that annoy you. It's disgusting to do nothing but perpetuate a negative stereotype about a lonely guy.

And as for MollyMog: You do understand that you're on a website dedicated to judging people, right? Yes, we all know what the OP meant. Doesn't make it any less disgusting to perpetuate that stereotype than it is to assume that black people steal or that the mother with four children must be on food stamps.


Storm, you do understand that I'm a game player too, right?

You have to be kidding me, you are equating THIS?? with racism and welfare? My gods, there we go hyperbole at it's very finest.

Perspective, get you some. This is a self-created problem, this isn't victimisation, this is something that people ACTUALLY do. To themselves. ANY person who has gone to a con will tell you what the air is like and it isn't just because there are a lot of people in a small space, I've been in similar non con type situations and the smell doesn't even come close in comparison.

There will always be these people, there will always be people who refuse to take care of their personal hygiene, this isn't racism, this isn't even about depression (which is also a reason but not in these cases), this isn't about sexism, homophobia, ablism or agism, so please, just understand this is not a prejudice, it's just a thing.

Sigh, wow.

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