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The following tale happened at a video game store I worked at. I was not present for it but heard about it later. It still makes my blood boil.

It was a very slow morning at the store. Two people were on staff, the store manager and an associate. A woman walks into the store and places a board game on the table and asks to make a return. We had started carrying a few board games recently, so this wasn't unusual.

SM: Sure, can I see your receipt?

C: I don't have one.

SM: When was the purchase made? I can look it up in our system.

C: Two days ago.

My manager looks through the system to see if a sale of that game was made within the last week, but there were no results.

SM: It doesn't look like we sold any within the last week. Are you sure it was this store?

C: Yes, I'm positive.

Nasty Ass ThievesThat's when my manager realized that the system said we had two of that item in stock, but there was only one on the shelf. The other one was sitting right in front of her on the counter, trying to be returned by a customer. My manager examines the box and looks at the price sticker. It had the current date on it.

When the registers turn on in the morning, they will automatically print out price stickers for any items that get price changed. Those stickers show the date on which they were printed. So this board game clearly could not have been purchased two days prior if it had the current date on it.

SM: I can't do a refund without proof of purchase and it looks a lot like you never purchased this, seeing as the system says we have two in stock and there's only one on the shelf.

C: I don't care what your system says, I want a refund.

SM: The sticker on this was also printed today, so it could not have been purchased two days ago.

C: I don't care. I want a refund.

SM: Excuse me a moment. I need to go check the cameras.

C: Go ahead.

Unfortunately, we didn't actually have any cameras in the store. What my manager did do, was call up the district manager, and ask him how to deal with this thief. His response? Give her a refund.

Absolutely fuming, my manager walks back out front and doesn't say a word as she gives this woman cash back for something she didn't even purchase.





Next time, do the smart thing and call the police!


"C: I don't care what your system says, I want a refund."
I don't care what you say, I WANT A PONY!!

"What my manager did do, was call up the district manager, and ask him how to deal with this thief. His response? Give her a refund."
What the? WHY?! On every side!
1) Why even ASK your district manger what to do with a fucking THIEF?
2) Why give a refund to a THIEF?
3) If the answer to 2 is that you don't want to 'scare away a customer', well, A THIEF IS NOT A CUSTOMER! So you shouldn't care about scaring them away.

As labyrinthgirl says, instead of 'checking cameras' or asking your district manager, call the fucking cops and have them do their job.

Also, depending on the videogame store, are cash refunds even an option? (at my store, I only gave cash refund to a young customer's mom, because the kid bought a 40€ Minecraft theme set without her permission. usually, it's on a store credit card or in exchange for same-valued items)

Misty Meanor

I would've just turned them away.


I'd have taken down her information, informed her that there are no cash refunds without a receipt and the store would investigate and mail her a check.


Ok, so, see the problem labyrinthgirl & Lightning, is that presuming this takes place in the US they can't actually have the thief-customer convicted. They only have circumstantial evidence. Without security footage, or an employee who has witnessed the theft/defraud attempt, there is no conclusive evidence. Yes, it looks and quacks like a thief but that's not good enough for a conviction. So if they call the police and arrest her, then when they bring up charges on her for this she brings up counter-charges for false arrest, harrasment, defamation of character, etc. And she will WIN. Because they CANNOT prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she in fact stole it.


"Because they CANNOT prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that she in fact stole it."
I dunno, if the inventory tells me I should have 2 in stock, but only have one where they both should be; the sticker on the box says today's date - so her saying she bought it 'two days ago' already come across as an obvious lie... and, with those two points already, now adding the fact that there is no receipt... seems to me like I can prove beyond reasonable that this is most likely a 'grab it off the shelf and return' thing. Call it circumstanial evidence, but it is the only logical (and reasonable) explanation.


Wow, uncalled for, and who is the troll again?

Eddy Cator


Did... Did I miss something?


I believe a post was deleted, yes.

Misty Meanor

Yeah, Labyrinthgirl17 had her post deleted and she was banned from the site for excessive trolling.

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