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I used to work at a trade in video game store. Commonly found in most american malls.

This particular incident happened after I had stepped down as ASM(assistant store manager) but still continued to work part time as an associate.

A customer came in with a return. Used game; so we were allowed to take it back with 7 days. Returns needed to be processed by the manager on duty. I stepped away but could already see that this was going to be a problem.

The receipt is required for all returns and while this customer had a receipt, he had left it near a heat source and the thermal paper had turned the ticket number black and unreadable.

My asm saw this and tried to explain

Asm: "I'm sorry I can't take this back..."

Pissed guy: "Why not? I have the receipt!"

Asm: "Yes but in order to process returns we need this ticket number in order to record the return in this book." holds up big red manager's book

Pg: "But I have the receipt!!!!!" (yelling)

Asm: "Yes I know. I have it in my hands. It has everything I need except this one number..."

This went back and forth for a while (can't remember all the details) I know the asm offered to have the manager look at it when he came in later in the day.

Pissed guy is now visibly raging. Pacing and yelling at everyone. Other customers included.

Asm: "Alright now you're just being an ass. You're going to need to leave." (he might have said "make like Luke duke, yeeeehaaaa, jump a lake, and get the hell out of here")

Pg: "Are you going to make me?!"

Asm: "No but the cops we're calling will be glad to escort you from the premises."

Pg grabs his stuff and leaves. We're all heated and trying to calm down when this little kid (about 5) who was in the store the whole time chimes in with, "Its OK. Sometimes grownups need naps!"





Can't fault the kid on that. I recall a few months ago, I barely slept one night and ended up with neuroalgia (I think that's how it was spelled... basically, overstrained muscles in the neck. result: major headache and just moving made me twitch with pain).
Fortunately, I had nowhere really to go after that bad night and I did honestly feel like a cranky toddler who had missed naptime. I eventually dozed off on the couch for 15 minutes. I felt so much better!


And some adults need a spanking.


P.S. Which is called police, just in case anyone didn't know. :)

Kai Lowell

Ugh, Lightning, I sympathize. Neuralgia is a pain (heh, literally.) I get it often enough that I'm very familiar with that brand of ow.

I like that kid.

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