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Retail hell underground 002From loganmarielone15, TalesFromRetail

I work in a wholesale warehouse that requires a membership as the manager of the demos (also known as the sample ladies, or the main reason most people go to wholesale warehouses from my experience). A yearly cheese roadshow is in town, so my employees are handing out 10 different sorts of international cheese and it's usually a huge hit.

I'm restocking cheeses in the cooler, since my employees are killing it and selling a ton, when a lady walks up to me and demands to talk to a manager. I will call her angry lady.

Me: I'm the manager. How can I help you?

Angry lady: How can you let them hand out that cheese?

Me: I'm sorry, is something wrong with the cheeses?

Angry lady: It's CHEESE!

Me: Yes, ma'am, it's our annual cheese roadshow. Is something the matter with one of the cheeses?

Angry lady: You are letting them hand out foods that some people are allergic to!

What? Now, I am fully aware that lactose intolerance exists and that it sucks, but I am fully confused as to how that means we should not demo things that people can be allergic to (things like peanut oil being the exception).

Me: I'm sorry, ma'am, but this is why I require all of my stations to have food allergen signs posted. We have several non-dairy demos in deli, frozen and dry goods areas of the store if you would like to partake in those.

Angry lady: No, this is unacceptable. You should not offer cheese! I could have your job if I ate some and get sick! I want to make a complaint!

Me: Did you eat the cheese?

Angry lady: No!

Retail hell underground 024Me: Ma'am, I am unsure of how to take your complaint. If you don't like a demo, you can fill out a suggestion at our suggestion box and request that it does not return.

Angry lady: No! This is your job, not mine! Stop offering cheese!

Me: I really can't do that. We work for our vendors, and sometimes, those vendors want us to demo their cheeses.

Angry lady: You are REFUSING to stop making people sick?

Me: ...If you don't like or cannot eat what is being sampled at a certain station, ma'am, you can go see what the others have to offer. However, I can't shut down an event that a vendor paid for.

Angry lady: I'm going to file a complaint about you!

She stormed off and actually went to find our store manager- telling him that I was cruel to her and was putting her life at risk. The manager told her pretty much the same thing I did and told her to make a suggestion for the box. She stormed out, yelling about how we don't care about our member's health. The way she was acting, you would think my employees were trying to force feed her against her will.





The allergen is in the protein part of the peanut, not the oil, so normal refined peanut oil is generally safe. Cold pressed stuff probably wouldn't be. But, I am not a doctor and I got this from Alton Brown, so take this with a grain of kosher salt.

That story reminds me of a half remembered story from many years ago... some bimbo complaining that some TV show was rotting her kid's brain so she wanted it taken off the air. The guy told her there's a control on the TV to do that. Find the dial on the front (A LONG time ago...) and grasp it firmly, say "I do not want to see this show!" in a loud voice, and turn the dial slightly.


"Angry lady: You are letting them hand out foods that some people are allergic to!"
Uh, most people who are allergic to something KNOW they are allergic and would say No when offered to try a sample. Anyone who knows they are allergic and still eats their allergens, well... Darwin Award Winners.


"Angry lady: You are REFUSING to stop making people sick?"
Me: "Ma'am, unless someone is holding you down and forcing you to eat something you're allergic to, and I know for a fact none of them are doing that, your argument is moot. Buzz off."

Kai Lowell

TT, it depends on how severe the allergy is. I've got a couple friends whose allergy is so severe they can't even be around the supposedly safe oil. Some people, however, can tolerate the refined stuff.

I'd have been very tempted to wave a slice of cheese at that nutbag.


(giggles) "The power of lactose compels you! The power of lactose compels you!"


TechTyger: (giggles) "The power of lactose compels you! The power of lactose compels you!"

Proceed to vomit melted nacho cheese sauce.

Kai Lowell

Bwahahah! I love you guys.

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