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I Work For A Coffee Shop. I Do Not have The Keys For The Whole Building


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I work for a coffee shop that is, along with other businesses, located on the ground floor of a 20 story office building.

There is a lot of construction in the area, so a customer wearing a hard hat is a common sight.

Hard Hat approaches my register: I need to get to the 9th floor.

Me: Sure, the elevators are out our doors and just to the right.

HH: I left my drill up there.

Me: ...

HH, angry: So how do I get up there?

Me, wondering if we spoke the same language: The elevator is out the doors and just to the right.

HH: I need my drill!

Me: ...

RHU Characters 007HH: I can't get up there! You need to use your keys to open that floor!

Me: Sir, is there a person at the reception desk?

HH: No! So you need to get me up there!

Me: If no one is at the front desk, there is a number to call. I do not have keys for the building.

HH made a rude noise and stormed off.

I work for a coffee shop. I do not hold keys for the entire building. I am also not a paramedic. I am not Shazam. I am not Google Maps. And yet I have been held accountable for all this information. In the meantime, I am an idiot because I work retail.

I am expected to know all and know nothing at the same time.

I am irony.




Nanny McSpazz

This happened to me recently. A woman comes in and starts ranting that she got a ticket telling her to see Parks and Rec. Now we share a building with Parks and Rec but that's about it. I told her where to go but she kept on about this ticket. I so wanted to tell that I don't make enough money to do my job and Parks and Rec's job.


"I'm sorry, sir, I still haven't mastered instant teleportation." :)


HH: I left my drill up there.
This sounds severely like it is not my problem, man.

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