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Entitled Coworker Hell: "Of Course Your Time Is More Important Than Anyone Else's"


Freddy2-027aFrom sarcasticsra, TalesFromRetail

It's the weekend, so the pharmacy closed at 5 today. The pharmacist (not one of the two main ones at our store; she's one of the floaters) brings up the pharmacy till to the customer service desk, behind which is the door to the cash office, which naturally has the safe in it. Of course, it's 5 o'clock, so we're busy, plus covering a break. Both I and my service desk co-worker are on register. I have about three customers in my line, each with fairly small orders.

Pharmacist, obliviously, has someone knock on the door to the cash office. Yeah, sure, lady, there's some mythical person hiding back there in the middle of a rush, good thinking.

"It'll be just a minute," I call over.

She gives me a look like I just requested a kidney.

I check out the first person in my line, and two minutes later, when I'm halfway through the second, she goes, "Can I just set this behind the desk?"

What? No. No, you cannot set a register full of cash where anyone could just walk up and grab it, especially after like twenty people just heard you announce that!

"Just a second," I say, and apologize to my third customer after quickly finishing the second. "I'll be right back, sir, just need to grab that from her really quick." He nods, and I run over.

"Sorry," says the pharmacist, "I have company at home, so..."

So they're going to implode if you're delayed a whole five fucking minutes?

"Uh huh," I say as I put the drawer away, not even bothering to be polite, because fuck you. Your time is not more important than everyone else's.

At least the guy I had to interrupt to go deal with Her Highness was totally fine with it.



Corporate Caused Hell: Time Warner, AOL And Microsoft


CORPFrom rieg7430, AskReddit

After Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner, they had an opportunity to join forces with Microsoft (Before it was the Microsoft it is today). Ted Turner was heavily in favor of this.

Against Turner's wishes, however, the Brass at Time Warner decided that AOL was a better choice. Ted Turner fought this, and was eventually forced out of the company he built.

AOL Time Warner, as it became known, was a disaster. AOL sucked the money and life out of the business until Time Warner eventually dropped the AOL name, Bill Gates went on to become Bill Gates, and AOL became... wait- what is AOL?