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I'm off work today, to get my bike fixed (small problem, they ordered the part), and was about to leave the dealership when I discovered my license plate was missing. A small errand just turned into a new one.

I live about 87 miles away from the dealership, so it was about noon by the time I got to the DMV (small town), and it was closed. There was a sign on the door stating they had closed from 11:00 to 12:30 for a meeting. I sighed and sat down on the bench. A couple of cars came up and I told each of them that they were closed until 12:30 - all is well, they left.

One woman did not. My only description was "little biddy" as she was the most sour pussed creature I had ever seen in our little Texas town. As I did the others, I told her that the office was closed until 12:30.

She went red in the face and yelled at me to open the door.

Wha? I told here they were closed.

She continued the triade, even when I told her that I was not a DMV employee - I needed to get my license plate replaced. She kept at it, and I kinda lost it. I told her I didn't work there and to just shut up. She told me I was rude, got back in her car and left.

I decided to go get a soda, and went to a bakery about two blocks away (hmmm, cookies!), and got back around 12:15. I sat down on the bench, munching on my cookie and reading my tablet.

An older gentleman came up, and when I told him they were closed for a bit, he shrugged and sat down. We chatted a bit - he had new pictures of his great granddaughters, and then a county worker came, and he oohed and awwed over the girls too (both understood the "they'll open at 12:30" spiel without issue).

The little biddy came back and stomped up the stairs and tried the door. It was 12:25... She turned around and just screamed at me that the door was still closed.

I reminded her that I didn't work there.

She started in again and the older gentleman looked at her and said, "What the hell is your problem?" to which she told him that he was rude.

I told her "Two people are rude and you're the common denominator," to which she replied, "Well I never!"

That was my cue - I told her, "Well that's your problem, you need to get laid."

The men lost it, laughing so hard. She shut up and went to the far bench. At 12:40, they opened the doors and she waited outside until everyone was finished (small town, three people behind the counter - no waiting really, as soon as the doors were open).

Made my day!





"Well that's your problem, you need to get laid."
Yeah, fuck you for saying that. Sex is not the solution of all problems and definitely not the reason why some people are assholes. (On a side-note, way to piss off any asexuals) Sometimes, people are dicks and telling them to 'get laid' will not alter anything.

"She turned around and just screamed at me that the door was still closed."
Is it 12:30 yet? No? Then it's obviously not open.


Nice one, OP. XD What a miserable old bat with her bloomers up her cunt.

Also, go away, Lighting, your SJW attitude is really boring.


"You're rude."

"And you're mentally ill. Now leave me alone or I'll call 911."

Lightning: Yes, it does change something. It pisses wingnuts off so much that, sometimes, at least, they go away and leave you alone. Nobody actually suggested that a sex act would solve any problems. It's an insult, pure and simple, and labyrinthgirl17 has a point about the SJW attitude.


Lightning, you are starting to show me exactly who you are.

I'll say it again though, this is not Reddit.

Tech Support Survivor

Old biddy was a cranky ol bitch. Sometimes you just gotta call them out.

Sorry lightning, have to disagree with you here.


Did the old woman not own a watch?

Thankfully my "I do not work here" stories have never involved the elderly. Only oblivious, stupid people.

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