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Life savers

According to Time article Top 10 Bad Beverage Ideas, “The drink, developed in the 1980s, actually fared well in taste tests. But it tanked once in stores. Explained one brand critic, quoted in the 2005 bookBrand Failures: ‘The Life Savers name gave consumers the impression they would be drinking liquid candy.’”



Tech Support Survivor

Pineapple soda is quite popular here in Newfoundland. I'm not sure, but it might be the only place you can get pineapple crush pop.


I want this!


Pineapple flavor? Dude, I love pineapple juice! Gimme!


TSS; No, it's not the only place, I've seen it here in Florida in the US. Liked it too, before the doctors gave me diabetes...


Towne Club used to have pineapple flavor (just checked - they have something labeled "Pineapple Passion"), but I'm not sure how far they distribute outside the Detroit area.


The one I remember seeing was either Fanta or Welch's, or possibly in the 'ethnic' aisle at the grocery. (They had apple soda too, I loved that.)


Soda is liquid candy. Maybe not as thick as someone might imagine, but all the sugar content.

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