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And here’s another trend that was hot in the 1990s – Fat Free! None of the fat, same great taste! Diet Everything! And just one of the products launched in 1998 was these Wow! Chips from Frito-Lay.

In three different varieties, they delivered what they promised – very little fat but all the taste you’d expect. But they also delivered something else  – stomach cramping, “loose stools” and other digestive complications. The ingredient responsible was Olestra, which later led to a disclaimer on the packet about the abdominal complaints it may cause, and the way it “inhibits the absorption of some vitamins and other nutrients”.

So, it may well help you lose weight, but only by a combination of stomach upsets and malnutrition. Strangely enough, sales declined after the revelations and the chips were quietly withdrawn.




McHell Manager

My mom tried these when they came out. They tasted like cardboard. They were gross and we never ate that much to experience the bowel issues, thankfully


Turns out there was never any evidence for the bowel issues. It was (to all appearances) a successful campaign by competitors to prevent success.

Kai Lowell

There may not have been any solid evidence (heh, solid, I'm a riot) but I personally know a bunch of people who had less than pleasant results. Myself included.


Yep, I tried Pringles with that stuff in it - once. Never again, that was one miserable day.

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