Netflix Fails: Barney's London Fairy Tale
Game Store Hell: Bitchy Mom Thinks She Would Give Better Service



If I were assigned to that rig,I'd totally embrace the mistake. At least until central sent it off to be repainted.


At least they got it the right way around, most places put the letters on the front backwards, can you believe it?


Just in case you're not being sarcastic - you probably are, but just in case - it's so it can be read more easily in your rear view mirror when one comes up behind you on the road.


Yes, that's the joke. :P

Kai Lowell

Well, this ambulance is festive.

What? No L. :D


(pelts Kai with peanuts) Boo! :)

Kai Lowell

Thanks TT, I needed a snack. :D

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