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Discountrat1From aschwan41, TalesFromRetail

Currently, my store is running a back-to-school sale, 150 sheets of paper for 25 cents, decent binders on for a buck or two, etc. etc.

Now, unfortunately, one of the overnighters made the mistake of putting a sign above the 152 pack of crayons that said it was 4.98, and not 14.98. Now normally, we would just give the customer the item for free if it's under 10 bucks and for 10 dollars off when it costs more. Note that this only applies to the FIRST item. In comes CL, for Crazy Lady. Now, I see this lady walk up to my cash with 20 boxes of these crayons. Now at this point I didn't know about the crayon crisis, when I scanned the first box.

CL: No.

Me: I'm sorry?

CL: That should have scanned at 5 dollars!

Me: Alright, I'll call over a manager and see if we can fix this.

Approx. 1 minute later.

Customer Service Manager (CSM): What seems to be the problem here?

Me: Well, this lady says that these crayons should have scanned at 5 dollars, and not 15.

CSM: Ok, I will be back in just one second, while I go and check the price.

VampireIn the minute that it took for the manager to walk to the crayons and back, I see the steam start to come out of her ears.


Me: She's just confirming the price. Oh, there she is.

CSM: Alright, so we can give you a box of crayons for the lower price, but unfortunately that is all we can do.


CSM: Get the hell out of the store.

CL: What?

CSM: Get. out. Now.

I high-fived the manager as the customer walked away.





If this happened in Michigan, by law they would have to honor the signed price. There is a "scanner" law that says that an item must be sold at the lower price if the marked price and the scanned price differ. I don't know if other states have similar laws.... http://www.bargainstobounty.com/2015/07/michigan-scanner-law/ The relevant section in the article for this situation states that the lower price must be honored, but the store doesn't have to pay the extra overcharge fine.

"A sign is left up past the sale date. The item is marked and scans at regular price. The sale price should be honored since the sign remained up. However, there is no overcharge fine since the error was in violation of the state’s advertising laws (the sign was wrong) and not an error caused through the scanning system."


Illinois doesn't have any such law (thank the lord). Not even every store does the scan guarantee. The ones that do will give the first item free and the rest at whatever the sign said, but somebody will be fixing the sign before the customer leaves the store. I've been to some stores who will say "The sign indicated XYZ product, not ABC product so what it scans is what it is" and that's mainly because crustys would switch the signs to get a more expensive model at a lower price. I even went to one place that had a sign on the door "What it scans is what it costs."


I like that manager. :)


Most states have similar laws. Some are far stricter. In California, if the price difference is more than $1.00 (*one* dollar) higher, it's a felony, and the fines can run into tens of thousands of dollars.


What would you DO with so many boxes of crayon? Maybe she does daycare for kids...


Wisconsin has the same law. This law is because too many retailers didn't keep their register prices up to date and over charged the customers. This does not apply to something done by a customer. Every sale sign was taken down at our stores at the end of the sale night, and new ones put up on the new sale items in the morning. The assistant managers checked every sale item on the flier to see that the new prices were correct. The closing manager checked that all the old ad signs were down on the ending flyer. Customer's sometimes got a lucky break. Our stores bad not theirs.

Misty Meanor

Once a lady came in and picked up a box of cookies that had an old sale sign on them. I told her I'd amend it since the sale price was still up there, but she refused, saying it should be free. I told her I couldn't do that, she claimed I had to because it was a law that was printed at another grocery store.

Eventually, me and a supervisor convinced her to pay the sale price and get out!


Lightning - She is probably going to resell the items either online or at a flea market type situation. Some people spend their entire days hunting clearance racks and sells for items they can resell at regular price to keep their own business going. Then there are others that just do it time to time online for some extra cash. They are the ones most likely to scream and have snits to try and get their own way it seems.

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