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Your Accusations Are A Bit Fishy


Carolanne 015From loganmarielone15,TalesFromRetail

I am the demo (sample people) manager at a wholesale, membership only, warehouse. It's a normal (which also means hellishly busy) Sunday afternoon, but everything had been going smoothly. Until I get a message that an angry customer wants to speak with me. Great. They will be AC, for angry customer.

Me: Hello, what can I help you with?

AC: I tried to get a sample for my kids, and your employee refused to serve any of us! She threw everything away!

My employees, as a general whole, are very sweet, so I'm naturally a bit skeptical. She leads me to the employee, who is baking fish in the freezer section.

AC: She did it! She refused to serve my family!

Me: Okay, -employee- what happened?

Employee (who is a tiny 80 year old lady): She came up to my stand while I was taking the fish out of the oven. I had the fish on the cutting board, and she reached behind the divider and tried to grab the fish. Since she touched it, I had to throw it away. I'm waiting on a new tray to finish cooking.

This is true. We keep dividers up between the server section and the food prep area on the sample carts to prevent...exactly this from happening. If you touch the food, it all gets tossed. If you pick up a sample and then put it back down, that sample gets tossed. No one wants your germs.

AC: Liar! You just didn't want to serve us! I demand that she give us extra samples and that you fire her!

Me: Ma'am, are you aware that this sample cart is directly below a security camera?

AC: No.

Me: If I'm going to take any action against her, I'm going to have to review the tapes.

AC: That's absurd! She was rude and refused to serve us!

Me: If you reached behind the divider, she had no choice but to toss out what she was making and start again. She is wearing gloves so that she doesn't spread germs. The dividers are up in order to keep her area as sanitary as possible. Since you touched the food, she isn't allowed to serve it to anyone- not even your family.

The customer starts screaming at me, and at my poor employee, about how rude we are, how we are against her and her family, and how she pays to be here so she deserves her samples. She storms away angry and complains to the store manager...who watched the tapes and told the customer that she was in the wrong. She was caught by our plainclothes loss prevention officer digging through the cart - and purse!- of someone who was gone on break the next week and her membership -thankfully- was revoked.





Not to mention, what idiot reaches into the prep area, specifically at something that is a cutting board? That's not just unsanitary, but also finger-dangerous. You don't know when the employee will grab a knife and start cutting that thing up for samples.


I hope she was also arrested for attempted theft.

McHell Manager

When I actually was a McHell Manager, I experienced something similar, just not as awful. I caught a drunk guy reaching around our cookie display and sticking his grimy hands into my tray of freshly baked cookies. I obviously "yelled" at him (being on the overnight and dealing with drunken college kids, I could get away with a certain amount of "yelling" as long as it was within reason) and he claimed he was going to pay for them (not) and that he just wanted one so bad he couldn't wait (right)

I had to waste the entire pan of cookies that I just put up there a few minutes ago. I was so mad! And to top it off, after I told him that I had to waste them because he stuck his hands in them, he had the nerve to ask "well, can't I just have them?" no! He even offered to pay, but I told him under no circumstances am I allowed to sell food that has been touched without gloves. The look on his face when he saw me toss all 2 dozen cookies was hilarious. Such sadness.


I think at 80 years old while she isn't strong enough to chop off a human finger, the employee should have nicked the thief in the finger to teach her a lesson! These greedy idiots who steal food that must be keep sanitary ruin it for the customers who want the food too!


BH, then she'll scream assault with deadly weapon. And then the police will laugh at the stupid customer for sticking their hand in a place it has no reason to be.

McHell Manager, did the guy end up dumpster diving for the cookies later?

Misty Meanor

Sounds like karma came around big time!


Lightning, you're right about that! Of course the 80 year old lady could nick the customer on purpose and then say, "Oh, I am sorry, my dear, but I'm old and my reflexes and handling of the knife are rusty and I didn't mean to cut you!". Then the old lady will have a wicked gleam in her eye that will scare the customer and the customer won't mess with her anymore.

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