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Carolanne See No evilFrom invisiverse, TalesFromRetail Comments

I worked in an outlet mall about 18 years ago selling luggage in a luggage store. The entire mall had no windows. None. Not in the stores, not in the hallways, and no skylights.

The first time we lost power it was very upsetting to me.

One second I'm selling some bags to this huge, intimidating bald man, the next it is pitch fucking black. There weren't even emergency lights.

I thought for a moment I'd gone blind. I had never experienced such complete darkness. I had no idea there was a thunderstorm. Being so deep in the mall you couldn't hear anything from outside the building. We had to find a wall and navigate out.

The next day my boss brought in flashlights, but the dipshit put them all the way in the back by the storeroom. Because that helps.

Thankfully the next time it happened he was back there and we led a bunch of people out. At night you couldn't even tell where the damned doors were.

In the day, once you got far enough down the mall and turned a corner, there'd be some light filtering in at least...





That the mall didn't have some kinda emergency lighting is pretty worrying. Even for the primitive year of 1998 you'd think building codes would stipulate it!

Misty Meanor

You'd think, but some places aren't run by the brightest bulbs (excuse the pun!)


I'm assuming that didn't happen in the USA. Because it would be illegal.

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