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From Tales From Retail, cigar_dude:

I absolutely love having a line of people at the register and then some mom thinks it's cute to let her 2 year old slide the credit card.

After trying 4 times and saying "Ok honey slide the card. Ooooh almost got it."

I get this look of death when I ask her if I could just slide the card.

Don't these people realize there is a line of people waiting at the register while she takes a picture of her 2 year old using a credit card machine for her facebook?

This happens more than you think.


...has this happened to you?

Share with RHU, custys that hold up the line for silly reasons.








Fortunately, hasn't happened to me. It does happen a lot to have their kid open the door on the trains - with the heavy, metal handle to push to the side. The parents usually 'help' there, though, so it's generally not a huge delay.

"a picture of her 2 year old using a credit card machine for her facebook?"
Wow, don't they have anything better to take pictures of?


Lightning, Facebook exists for the sole purpose of posting stupid pictures... if you took away people's ability to do that, it'd disappear. (hums "And what a wonderful world it would be")

Teaching kids how to do stuff, good. Teaching them to be actual humans instead of little crotch droppings deserving of a punt over the horizon, great.Doing it in such a way that it inconveniences a bunch of other people, not so much.


I've had that, and the child throwing a tantrum when they're not allowed to also sign for it. Then Mom not understanding why 3 year old little Suzie can't sign for the purchase.

Eddy Cator

I had one idiot, thankfully not in a rush, who wanted to do the "look how SMART my kid is! Everyone BASK in the wonder of MY kid!" and get him not only to swipe the card, but punch in the numbers she REPEATEDLY TOLD HIM LOUDLY (3954 - I still remember!) and then push the green button. Well Sneauflaykee had obviously not learnt his numbers or his colours that day, because he was pushing every fucking number and colour possible till mommy held his finger and pushed (quite hard by the looks, because he started grizzling after that) on her PIN, still saying it out loud, then "push the green button. No, the green one. No, green. GREEN. Push the GREEN ONE" and so on ad nauseum, and the kid and I were so fucking over this 20 minute transaction, he was so frustrated after another cancelled transaction HE BENT HER CARD. Goldfish stood there glaring at me like it was my fault and what was I going to do about it?!?!?!?!

Well I was going to cancel her order, call for my supervisor, go on break and dearly wish I could drink on the job...


Eddy, if I had been there, I would have made a huge, obvious theater about how I'm writing down her PIN number. Probably even yelled, "Hey, lady, you want to tell the world your SSN, too? Makes it much easier to steal your identity!"

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