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Closing Time Nightmares: Locked Door And A Closed Sign Are Not Enough Of A Deterrant


Closed 5From mimicthefrench, TalesFromRetail

I work in fast food. I swear our customers get more clueless by the day.

Today, the heater that keeps the food on our line warm shorted out and briefly caught fire. We put it out, and then closed the front doors while we waited for the maintenance guy to come take a look at it and see if it could be repaired. I was pretty sure it was just a fuse and some wiring that had been damaged, so I guessed we'd probably be back open before long. We put up a sign explaining the closure, and figured we had a couple of hours of no customers.

Well, I'm cleaning the dining room, trying to make the most of the downtime, and I hear someone banging on the door. We keep very consistent hours, the same every day of the week, and we're only closed for a few holidays a year, so understandably a lot of people are shocked to find our doors closed.

I look up and see the guy who was banging on the door is now reading the sign, so I go back to cleaning. A few moments later...

"Excuse me?"

I look up, the guy who had been outside is now inside, and peering at the counter of empty stainless steel pans. I can only assume he came in through the side door, which we leave unlocked while we're in there as an employee entrance.

Him: "Are you open?"

I had to stop and compose myself before letting him know that, indeed, the locked front doors, "Sorry, we're closed" sign, lack of food, and lingering smell of burnt wiring, did mean we were closed.

He looked at me incredulously, and then silently tried to exit through the front doors. You know, the ones he tried to get through before, but couldn't.

Some people....




McHell Manager

Peoples comprehension of things amazes me. I have watched people tug on the locked doors, looked shocked and then look at our hours sign. Tug on them again, look at the sign again. Repeat those steps about three more times, and then they tried the back doors. Of course, that didn't work. How?! How can you not figure out we are closed?!


I once tried closed doors and an employee came and opened them, telling me they were closed. Then I realized it had been the day of the time change, so it was actually an hour before they were actually open. I was embarrassed, apologized and wasted an hour until they were actually open.

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