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Closing Time Nightmares: "Yeah Sure, Just Let Me Get My Keys..."


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From Kiki

Ha! This JUST happened to me last night! We actually closed a minute or two after we’re supposed to, but, lo and behold, a customer comes banging on the door saying we still got three minutes.

After arguing with our manager for a little, she finally says to the customer to wait so she can go and get the store keys.

She then tells us to hurry out the back, and she’ll “help” the customer personally.

We closers were curious as to what she was going to do. So we stayed outside in our cars far from entrance, but still able to see front doors where the customer getting more and more irate.

We then see our manager’s car coming from the back and leaving the parking lot, with the customer still waiting.

Sure, my manager may get in trouble, but it was her final night with us before she goes on to bigger and better things. God, I’ll miss her.

I wonder if that customer is still there?





Given that the arguing with the customer likely passed those three minutes 'you still had', the closing time had actually arrived and passed.


Heehee, that's hilarious...


I like that!

There's a Retail comic strip that touched on that. Love Retail comic :)

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