The Owner Wants My Hat! You Will Buy It!
Flooring Store Signage Calls Out Custy For Not Paying His Bill



Eric, you're my hero! I mean this genuinely. I once had a guy in my line who wanted change for $400.00 and he would have cleaned out my till. I sent him to customer service with his 4 one-hundred dollar bills and they refused him too. You said what all is cashiers have wanted to say to impossible customers!


Oh god, we recently had to cut service to a whole group of men who would basically come in once or twice a week and ask for change for anywhere between $300 - $600 per guy, all of course in small bills, for their weekly poker game. At the beginning at least they'd buy stuff but towards the end, they didn't even give us that courtesy.


I worked at a gas station many years ago and people would constantly try to give me a $100 bill to buy a $2.25 pack of cigarettes (it was that long ago). I had one woman get mad and say "I've been to at least a dozen gas stations and nobody will break this." so I told her "You'll have better luck at a bank."

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