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Dumbass Custys: "But She Said I Didn't Have To Wait!"


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From Tales From RetailSM94:

I work at the customer service desk at my store where we do returns, money transfers, and deal with refunds from the vending machines if they steal your money. Note we only let you bypass the line if you are doing an exchange and you've already waited in line. Otherwise wait your turn.

Its just me and a coworker up at the desk both helping someone with a line of about three people. We are both in the middle of a transaction.

A lady maybe late 30's early 40's comes up bypassing the line.

Lady: with an attitude like shes in a rush "Excuse me the soda machine outside didn't give me my change back and the lady at the door said I had to come up here but didn't have to wait in line."

Me: "When we are done helping our customers you will be next." (not really how it works but Im not going to argue since an employee told her not to wait.)

Lady: "But she said I didn't have to WAIT!!"

Me: " Ma'am we are in the middle of a transaction we cant help you right now if we are already with customers."

Lady: "But she said!"

Me: "Not when we are already with customers. We will be right with you."

My coworker ended up getting her but jeez I'm in the middle of a transaction how do you expect me to pop my drawer and give you the money in the first place. And honestly you cant spare 50¢ then you can wait for the refund.





Lady: "But she said!"
Is her name Simon and did she says "Simon says" before she told you that you didn't have to wait? No? Then it doesn't count.

Misty Meanor

Well said, Lightning!

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