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The hardware store chain I work for is very dog friendly (we keep doggie treats at the registers), and has been for many years. Back before it was well known, people would timidly come to the door with a dog on a leash (or in a purse, yes, really) and politely ask if it was OK to bring the dog into the store. My answer was always, "Well, sure, we let people bring kids in, and kids are a lot more destructive than dogs. I've never had to stop a dog from drinking drain cleaner off the bottom shelf."

Dog owners love that.

(People who bring dogs to stores invariably have very well behaved dogs. People who bring kids to stores do so because no babysitter in their right mind will have anything to do with the little monster, and if they leave them home alone they' come back to smoking rubble.)


I love it!


Chances are the dogs are better behaved than their owners.


But dogs may be peeing on your towels and sheets...?

Tech Support Survivor

Love it.

Considering what humans do to their motel rooms? I can't imagine a dog being any worse.


When my parents and I would travel with our goldens Buddy and Daisy, people would come up to us and pet the dogs. Our dogs loved it! Once Mom took Grandma and Daisy to a fair and there were a lot of little black kids who came up to my mom and asked if they could pet Daisy. There were so many small brown hands petting her and Daisy loved the attention. I wasn't with them but Mom told me the story of that. Daisy passed on but Buddy is still with us. Now when we take Buddy on vacation, people come up to him and say, "Hi, Buddy" and these are strangers to him and us and I think Buddy thinks, "How do they know my name?". The same thing happened at the vet when the doctor who didn't know Buddy's name addressed him as Buddy.

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