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Dumbass Custys: When Another Custy Is Stumped By Stupidity


Closeda1From Keiowolf, TalesFromRetail

A bit of background on me: I work for one of the major supermarket/grocery chains in Australia as a Service Supervisor in the Service department. This basically means (as most of you would know), I work on the registers and at the service desk, and deal with transactions, complaints, refunds/returns/replacements, and pretty much anything else that could possibly happen... I've been working in the Service department for around 6 years, and have been a supervisor for around 2 years.

This one day, I was managing self-checkouts (dealing with interventions, answering questions, etc), and was currently chatting to a lady going through one of the SCO machines (cause it was quiet)...

One of the machines next to her broke after a customer had used it, and unfortunately due to what broke, was not able to be fixed at a store level (we had to put in a call to support for it), so I closed it...

Now, I decided to be a bit silly... Because why not, and it was quiet...

I got the closed signs from most the other SCO machines, closed the broken machine (so it displayed "closed" on the screen), and put about 6 close signs all over the damn thing.

There was a sign on the tray where you put your basket, a sign on the scales, a sign in front of the receipt printer, a sign in the bagging area, a sign on top of the screen, a sign on top of the EFTPOS machine, and the machine itself had its screen showing "closed".

DumbThat should be obvious enough right? Riiight?

The lady I had been speaking to looked at me like I was mad and said, "Do you have enough closed signs there?"

I simply replied "Eh, I'm bored and I want to see if people read signs. I bet you that someone will come and ask me if this machine is open before I finish my shift."

She simply replied with "Hah, no one would be that stupid."

Famous last words? :P

Not 30 seconds later, some random lady came over and this happened:

Random: "Is this one available?" -gestures to the closed machine-

Me: "No sorry, it's closed." -gestures to the several closed signs-

Me: "One of the machines over there are free though." -points at some open machines-

Random: "Oh, ok. Thanks!" -wanders off to an open machine-

I turn around after this to see the lady that I had been speaking to looking completely speechless and in shock. She simply said "Did that really happen?"

My response? "Yup. Welcome to retail."



Cashier Hell: "I'd Like To Price-Match These..."


Carolanne 002

From Denominax, Tales From Retail:

This happened about a month ago.

It was around 4:55 - roughly 5 minutes before my break starts. I was planning on taking one more customer, then putting up the closed-till sign - one customer should take about 5 minutes.

So this guy and his wife roll up with a full shopping cart, and they unload their stuff. There were about 30 packages of bacon, which struck me as a little odd, but bacon is great so whatever.

I rang through about 90% of their stuff, all of it in bags on the counter, when the wife walks up, pulls out a competitors flier and says..

"I'd like to price-match these"

oh god... price match what

She wanted to price match every. single. item.

We don't price-match. There are signs that say this everywhere in the store, and this is a large nationwide chain and none of the stores price-match.

I tell her this,

"I'm sorry, but we don't price-match"

Without saying a word, they abandon EVERYTHING.

Conveyor belt full of food, bags full of food, cart blocking the isle full of food. Not a single word, just left...

Who the fuck tries to price match a full cart of items without at least verifying that we price match? It's not like it's hard information to find, there are signs every where.

So, I had to spend half an hour putting away all their (mostly cold!) food